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Growing as a Writer: 4 Ways College Assignments Can Finally Do Some Good



College students often feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of written assignments they receive. And although writing an essay every week is not something life prepares us to, it can actually benefit everyone, not just college students.

In this article, we will talk you through some ways college writing can do you good. Hopefully, after reading this, you will treat the writing process as a ladder that takes you up step by step, instead of seeing it as mandatory torture.

Critical Thinking Skills


Critical thinking is the two words that you will probably hear very often throughout your academic career. And there’s a good reason for that. Acquiring the skill of critical thinking will help you become a better student, employee, and even improve your social skills. But first, let’s figure out what that is.

In short, critical thinking is the ability to reflect and think independently. For example, it means not taking everything you see online for a fact. Asking questions and digging to the root of things is a vital part of this ability. One of the main purposes of academic paper writing is to teach you that.

As you write an argumentative essay, you must provide an argument and then support it with evidence. This is how you prove your point. Then, you reflect on that point and criticize it. And if you are feeling stuck on an essay, go to best essay writing service and have a professional help you out. You will see how a proper essay is to be written, and that will give you a great example to base your future work on.

Time Management


No student has ever survived college without being able to properly organize their time and delegate their assignments. Academic life is when most people learn to prioritize. Having all your tasks written down in one notebook or app is a good place to start.

Keeping all your assignments in your head is barely possible. To ace your writing, you will need to set your priorities straight and allocate enough time for every task. There’s no way to learn that but practice.


Before an academic year starts, get yourself a notebook where you will write down everything you have to do. Keeping your schedule nearby is also a good idea. Then, the most important part is to always have that notebook with you and actually use it. Otherwise, you might drown in forgotten assignments and academic debt, which nobody wants.


Writing Skills (Of Course)

Although it is pretty obvious, writing skills are important to develop even before you get into college. Good high school essays will earn you credit, and an application essay can get you into your dream college!

Once you’ve mastered the art of academic writing, no paper can scare you. If you have the usual requirements and a plan in your head, it will be much easier to tackle your basic paper writing.

Writing college papers is not an assignment that is soon to disappear. Students write hundreds of essays during their stay in college. For some, every one of these tasks is torture. But if you learn how to do it right, your attitude will change. Then, you will feel how easy it becomes to write an essay.

Here’s a quick reminder of making your essay writing process as efficient as it can get.

  • Read the instructions your tutor gave you; be thorough and make sure you understand the topic;

  • If the topic has not been given to you, make up your own. Make it not too broad and not too narrow. Ensure you have enough sources to rely on. 

  • Do your research; gather the references, take notes and write down some quotations you may use eventually;

  • Make an outline. Follow the basic structure: introduction, three or more paragraphs of the body and a conclusion;

  • Start writing! Begin with your thesis statement, then develop the body and conclusion, finish by writing the introduction;

  • Proofread and edit without mercy, then add references and citations.

And that’s basically it! Once you get that process down, you won’t have to suffer while writing an essay. On the contrary, you will enjoy the ease of the process and your amazing marks!

Learning to Study

This is not the most necessary skill; however, if you do manage to master it, your education process will be much smoother. Besides, learning to study is especially important after you graduate. Honing this skill is one of the main reasons students get homework assignments. 

What is meant here is the ability to teach yourself and without help from parents or teachers. You’ll need to forget the distractions and focus by command, not when the muse visits. The easiest way to do that at first is with an app. Try one like the Pomodoro tracker. It allows you to delegate certain time spans to non-stop learning, and after the time elapses, you take a break.

This skill might actually be even more important after you graduate. You can pull through college by pulling all-nighters and cheating occasionally, but as an adult, you won’t have that opportunity. At some point in your life, you will need to take refresher training, or maybe you will want to learn something new for no reason. Well, this is when your ability to study will pay you back.


Wrapping Up

College is an amazing time to learn, socialize, and have lots of fun. But if you get stuck in academic debt, you might not get to experience that. Start preparing as soon as you can; get a notebook to never forget stuff. Make sure your time management technique is on point and get to writing!

If you come prepared and establish your reputation in the first year, who knows, you might even get to slack the rest of your time in college! Just don’t get too cocky; nobody likes that.