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7 Ways To Find The Right Apartments Near University Of Manitoba



The University of Manitoba provides high-quality education and unique culture to its students at an affordable price. The institution also offers different courses on engineering, science, humanities and business. However, your journey as a college student will not only require you to pick the right course – you should also pay attention to the apartment you'll be staying in.  


Your living arrangement in college significantly affects your performance in school. Staying in a cramped, noisy and unsanitary accommodation can prevent you from studying and taking care of your health. Over time, these things can become the reason why you're performing poorly in your classes and don’t graduate on time. 


If you don't want any of this to happen, the following tips are to help you find and live in a decent apartment near the University of Manitoba: 

  1. Start Your Search Early 

Thousands of students attend the University of Manitoba every year, which means that you'll have several competitors when it comes to finding accommodation. Just like you, these students are also looking to make their college lives as convenient and comfortable as possible.  


One simple yet effective way to find the right apartment is to start your search early. It's easier for you to compare options and weigh the pros and cons of each if time is on your side. Starting your search early will prevent you from making hasty decisions.


Luxury student accommodations, such as those seen in, are sought after by many students, and if you start your search late, your chances of securing a spot will go down.

  1. Set Your Budget 

Staying in an apartment when you're in college isn't cheap. The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment is around $1,178 per month, and you'll still have to pay for utilities such as the internet and electricity. The more amenities you want in your apartment, the more money you'll have to spend per month.


To find the right apartment, set up a realistic budget and make sure that you stick to it. This is an important task, as the budget you plan can help you to manage your expectations and cut down on the number of places you have to visit. Having a budget prepared beforehand will also help you avoid financial stress once you begin your journey as a college student.


Aside from the cost of the lease, don't forget to consider other monthly expenses, such as your groceries, daily commute and electric bills, when setting up a budget. If possible, save money before heading off to college so that you have more flexibility with your budget. You can also work part-time to have an extra source of income during college. 

  1. Think About The Daily Commute 

You'll be attending various classes for at least four years as a college student. You might even have to wake up extra early to ensure that you can get to your classes on time.  


When finding the right apartment near the University of Manitoba, make sure that you think about your daily commute – how long it will take for you to travel from the accommodation to the campus, and how convenient it will be for you to travel back and forth daily. This is an important factor to consider when searching for apartments, because your daily commute can affect your day-to-day routine and cause stress. 


You can easily find cheap apartments all around the University of Manitoba, but if these apartments require you to take two buses every day, you might end up spending more money in the long run.  


Ideally, you should pick an apartment that’s reasonably-priced and near the university. This will help you to save money and rescue you from the long hours spent commuting every day. 

  1. Be Creative And Resourceful 

Most student apartments are compact – and if you've been living in a spacious bedroom for years, these apartments might not be too appealing to you. Living in a small space may require an adjustment period, but it doesn't mean that the space isn't livable. As long you're creative and resourceful, you can make almost any apartment look and feel spacious.


Put your creativity and resourcefulness into good use to find the right apartment for you during your college years. Instead of worrying about how small or compact the space is, think outside of the box and look for space-saving hacks that can transform your perception.


For starters, you can make use of small drawer containers to organize all of your knickknacks, or utilize your walls by adding floating shelves. You can also buy storage bins that are stackable; this will help you to keep all of your clothes in one area, and not take up a lot of valuable floor space.


There are actually many ways in which you can make your student apartment look and feel big, and most of these strategies are inexpensive, so go ahead and try them out. 

  1. Assess The Cleanliness 

You'll be spending a lot of time inside your apartment as the school year starts. Aside from being a place to sleep and relax, this is also where you'll study, eat and chill. You'll be doing a lot inside your apartment, which is why you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the space before deciding which one to lease for college, as well as how hard it would be to keep clean.


When looking for the right apartment near the University, don't forget to check how hygienic the places you view are. Is the apartment free from mold and grime? Is there a disgusting ring around the toilet? Does the bathroom have grout all over? The apartment you pick shouldn't have any of these problems; staying in a space like this will not only put your money down the drain, it can also take a toll on your physical and mental health in the long run.


The communal areas of the apartment you choose should also be cleaned regularly. This is very important because communal areas are accessible to various students, and if these aren't cleaned properly, you risk susceptibility to illnesses and diseases.

  1. Prioritize Your Safety

As mentioned, you'll be spending a lot of time in your apartment because it will become your home while you're in college. Aside from being your personal space, it’s also where you'll keep important valuables, such as your laptop and smartphone. Materials that can supplement your college learning will also be kept in your apartment.


For you to have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe and your own personal safety isn't compromised, find apartments with firm security measures in place. Fire alarms and burglar systems are very important when looking for student accommodation. If possible, look for an apartment that employs a security guard 24/7 and operates using a keyless access system. The more secured the apartment is, the better.


Since security is vital, make sure to give special consideration to apartments that feel safe and secure. It'll be challenging for you to focus on your classes or sleep well at night if you're worried about your safety in the apartment, or even the area.

  1. Check The Study Space

You're expected to do a lot of things as a college student – gain new friends, join extracurricular activities, etc. – but studying to get good grades should be your priority. You're spending time, money and effort in college to gain an education, so that you can land a stable job in the future, and you'll be able to achieve that goal if you have good study habits.


Always make sure to check how much study space you’ll need, versus how much your options offer you. As a college student, you should choose an apartment with a designated work area, so that you don't have any problems reviewing your notes and preparing for exams. Having a strong internet connection is also a must, so that you can access the information available online.


Aside from being spacious and boasting a strong internet connection, the study area should be free from noise and clutter. It should also be free from any kind of distraction, including TVs and radios, to make it easier for you to study.


The availability of a study space in a student apartment is important, which is why you should prioritize finding an accommodation that has this amenity. Sure, you can study inside the university's library and other spaces, but doing so for years can end up being very inconvenient and expensive.

Knowledge Is Power

With the number of students attending the University of Manitoba, it should come as no surprise that you’ll find several apartments in the area. You'll have so many options, you'll likely see yourself clueless as to how you can narrow down your search.


Fortunately, you can make the process of finding the right apartment a little easier if you stick to the tips offered. You won't have any problems sorting out your accommodation, as long as you know what factors to consider, and what’s really important to you.