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What exactly is architectural engineering? It is, much as the name suggests, an integration of architecture and engineering. An architectural engineer helps with construction using the scientific principles of engineering and balances it out with the creative eye of an architect. So, these constructions are structurally sound and aesthetically appealing. Architectural engineers also think of a building in the context of a neighborhood and make it part of the landscape or cityscape.

Architectural Engineering does overlap with other specialties of engineering such as Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. However, in the case of Architectural Engineers the focus is only on putting together buildings. They do not tend to work on other kinds of construction or design. So while a Civil Engineer may work on a bridge and a Mechanical Engineer on a car, an Architectural Engineer will concentrate of scientifically and aesthetically appealing buildings.

There are many architectural schools that offer degrees devoted to this area. Some schools offer related courses such as Architectural Drafting and Design but not a whole program devoted to the field. So today there are practicing architectural engineers who may have an engineering degree or an architecture degree. They may have added to their qualifications over time with appropriate credentials to round out there approach from an engineering and architectural perspective.

If you feel fascinated by the idea of being an architectural engineer remember that online Architectural Engineering schools can help you get started with a career in this field. They offer degree programs and certificates that can help you establish your credentials. If you live far from a real world school that offers this degree that is no reason to stop making your plans of being an architectural designer. Online education works well for anyone with access to a computer which is connected to the Internet. So whether you feel that you cannot quit your job or you feel tied to a place because of personal commitments, you should explore the idea of online Architectural Engineering schools. These schools will allow you to invest in your future career even while you are dealing with present day reality.

It is, of course, important to choose a school with proper accreditation. An online degree is only as valid as the agency issuing it and so the onus is on the student to do research and get verification on the legitimacy of the degree. Once you choose a school that promises to have what you need, compare the various kinds of degrees and courses. Relate this to what you want and when you want it. Do you want an entry level job in a firm that designs houses? Then a certificate program may be the quickest way to qualify yourself and to get your foot in the door. If you want a full-fledged engineering role where you get to work on your own designs, this will likely involve getting a Bachelor's and a master's. But you can work toward these while holding down a job with the home construction company. This way you get invaluable real experience at the same time that you are getting your credentials. This will make your eventual job hunt that much easier.