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Energy Connectivity and Its Effects of the E-Cigarettes Development: Historical Review for College Students

Electricity as panacea

Energy connectivity that followed the invention (or taming if you wish) of electricity has become a crucial power in the change of human lifestyles. Not only new devices that can simplify our lives were invented (such as a laptop, the refrigerator, the coffee machine, etc.), but also several changes were made in science and health care.


Is it designed for good, used for evil?

E-cigarette invention was an awkward step to healthy smoking. The inventor of the device intended to create a harmless and even helpful thing that would help to avoid the danger of smoking and giving up the harmful practice. It goes without saying, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’. Numerous scientific researches and experiments claim that vaping has adverse effects on the human body.


E-cigarettes popularity: new challenges

E-cigarettes have made a significant leap forward in the last ten years. Of course, it has been many years since the appearance of the idea of creating an e-cigarette. However, it is important that the various factors that influence the promotion of e-cigarettes have been successfully combined in recent generations of vaping devices.

If we speak about the historical evolution of e-cigarettes, it is essential to note that there is no consensus as to what should be considered the first e-cigarette and whether it is related to vapes. The more new models appear on the market, the more difficult it is to define the notion of ‘e-cig’.

The latest vape models look like a regular electronic cigarette again. Today, we can no longer say that the best vape mod for clouds should be massive and large. The dense vapor that would satisfy even the most demanding vaper is possible to produce with the tiniest devices.

Models such as, for example, the Ulta cartridge pod prove that size does not matter. Much more important are the internal details and characteristics of the 'stuffing' of a particular device.


When it all started – a new joy

The primary invention that allows you to design smaller and bigger devices in terms of power is lithium-ion batteries, similar to those used in the manufacture of mobile phones and laptops. The first e-cigarettes to gain mass popularity in the United States were made in about 2004, although the history of e-cigarettes dates back almost a hundred years before.

The electronic cigarettes of the 2000s were quite simple in assembly and functionality. They looked like ordinary cigarettes, but not at all like the popular vapingdaily best vape mods today. Those cigarettes could not be refilled and had to buy new ones every time. They were all disposed of. The critical components of such a smoke were the battery, the atomizer, the e-liquid container, and the e-liquid itself (mostly with nicotine).

An e-cig was automatically activated with the first puff made. The only problem that people had to face with these cigarettes was that it was quite expensive to buy a new e-cig every day. Can you imagine buying vape mods every day? Neither can I. The expensiveness and inconvenience of such an often change has led to the development of novelties.


A new era – overcoming challenges

First, rechargeable e-cigarette kits were produced as ones for starters. The fundamental change in the e-cigarette package was the availability of a rechargeable battery and a cartomizer that allowed you to use the cigarette again. Cartomizer is a particular cartridge that can be refilled over and over, or a special compartment containing an atomizer and an electronic liquid. Regular cartomizers could be used around the clock.

Replacing a cartomizer was, and still is, much cheaper than buying a brand new device. The advent of rechargeable electronic cigarettes has made them more affordable to consume than regular cigarettes and has, therefore, promoted the consumption of these devices. With the problem of money and the heap of times of use being solved, the new problems appeared. Consumers wanted to produce more vapor.


New customers’ demands – trying to comply with every request

After numerous efforts of customers to increase the number of vapor, manufacturers realized that more vapor will increase the number of sales. That is why new vaping devices have been modeled so that the amount and intensity of vapor increases. To do this, manufacturers have increased the power of the atomizer, as did the vipers who tried to change their own devices before.

Devices with higher power were called vape mods. The best mods empowered the user to change the voltage, though the limit of power output. At that time, many people still tried to develop their models based on the rechargeable vape pens that were in abundance on the market. There existed a safety problem because there was no guarantee that the handmade vape mods would not go off.

Vape mods were designed with a focus on technical characteristics and power properties. The aim of the manufacturers was not to create an elegant, good-looking, and stylish device. The main goal was to get the most power out of the possible and to spend less money on development and advertising.


Aesthetic questions – the epoch of social networking

The things that surround the population of our (and others’) country also affect the individual in particular. All because the new hobby on the consciousness of the masses has spread. The constant Instagram of life transforms the existence of many adolescents into the continuous pursuit of an idea that does not exist in nature.

All these factors led to the emergence of a new 'plan' for building social relations. People live on the principles of "like" or "dislike". This paradigm is difficult to distort. People nowadays try to combine the elements of beauty and practicalism. Therefore, the new generation of vapes (the devices that are graced as the best box mods) faces a challenge of both being super powerful and looking the best possible way.


Plans for the future – any breakthrough?

Today, it is difficult to predict exactly what kind of future awaits vape mods, as massive bans on these devices and governments' attempts to control the consumption of tobacco products, which include vapes, are also the cause of industry decline.

If you dream a little, you can say that the new generation of vaping devices will contain additional components that will help to prevent the negative effects of vape mods. Vapes are also more likely to be equipped with Bluetooth technology, which will allow you to keep track of your smoking status just as fitness bracelets now do.