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One of the most rewarding careers is one where you get home at night and really think you made a difference in the world and the well-being of others. If you get home after a full day of work and don't feel satisfied then you need to get another job. Receiving your teacher's certificate is the first thing you need to do in order to become a teacher. Depending on your state you will have different requirements that you must complete in order to satisfy the requirements of your state. The different requirements could be the number of courses you are required to take but also the number of teaching hours that are required. These hours will be done in a classroom setting. Find out more about how to become a teachers assistant from any of the schools listed and get started today!

I was once told that if you wake up in the morning and aren't excited about your job and the tasks that you are going to complete for that day then you don't have a career that you want to be in, not to mention you won't be happy. Personally I know someone that is a teacher and every day that person is excited to not only go to work but has great stories on how she helped out so many kids. She feels as blessed as a teacher and she should as she has more responsibility that one might think.

I once was asked what the name of my manager was at my first job and I couldn't remember. I then was asked what the name of my first grade teacher was and I instantly answered and continued to tell how she was an inspiration to me and actually to my career. I had known the teacher for over 25 years and she attending my wedding, was at the birth of my daughter and attended my graduation party for my PHD.

The great thing about becoming a teacher is the hands on experiences that you'll have on a daily basis. You'll get to know each and every child in your class and you'll have such a personal attachment to each and every one of them as they grow up. Becoming a teacher is so fulfilling that you'll never feel that you are wasting your time and energy at a job that isn't helpful.

If becoming a teacher sounds like something that interests you then we recommend that you first review all of the featured schools that we have listed on this page. We have listed all schools that can assist you with everything you need to become a teacher. You can request free information from any of the schools listed and they will send you a career packet that will explain their teachers programs and what is needed in your state. If you have any questions you can simply call them and they will be happy to help.