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Distance Education and You

Distance Education and You

You’ve decided that you want a change. Maybe you want to start a new career or advance your current situation. However, you might work, have family responsibilities, or live far away from a school. What do you do? Distance education enables you to complete your coursework away from an actual school campus. Think of it as a virtual classroom. You independently prepare for a new career through online or traditional home-study courses. This enables you to be in charge of your future, with the ability to make your own decisions regarding every aspect of your education.

In today’s society, distance education is becoming a necessary alternative to traditional face-to-face instruction. With a greater percentage of students balancing academics, careers and families, there is a growing need for different educational methods.


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Benefits of Distance Education

Distance education is on the rise. With availability, enrollment and course offerings dramatically increasing in the last decade, there is a greater need for quality home-study programs. More individuals are taking advantage of the distance learning option. It provides you with the following benefits:

1. Flexible schedule – You can learn on your own time and at your own pace.
2. Convenient setting – You can attend class from almost any location.
3. Accessible materials – You can retrieve class materials at any time.
4. Relevant content – You can gain real-world experience.
5. Ease of use – You can easily access course materials.
6. Work/family balance – You can keep your job and maintain the responsibilities in your life while you train.

Traits of a Successful Distance Learner
You’ve decided to further your education, and are considering enrolling in an online school. In the past, you’ve always been a successful student. Will you succeed in an online environment? Find out what it takes to be a successful distance learner.
Learning a new vocation, or taking a class to further your own personal interests through distance education can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Many people thrive on the flexibility and convenience offered through such classes. Are you one of them?

5 Qualities of Successful Distance Learners
1. You need little supervision – You do well without the constraints of a traditional classroom. You do not need someone looking over your shoulder. You are content to set your own rules.

2. You never procrastinate – You do not put things off until the last minute. You are well-organized and self-directed. You set a comfortable pace and rarely fall behind.

3. You have strong reading skills – You have above-average reading and comprehension skills. The majority of the interface is through a personal computer, which requires you to be able to understand a large amount of text.

4. You can ignore distractions – You are able to thrive in an environment that has constant distractions and interruptions. You can filter out the disturbances and focus on the task at hand.

5. You don’t miss the social aspect of traditional school – You are content to work alone without face-to-face interaction with classmates and teachers. You are satisfied using e-mail, fax, phone and message boards to communicate. Distance education enables you to learn in an independent manner. You don’t have the limitations and constraints of a traditional classroom. Do you what it takes to succeed? If you possess the traits listed above, you might be a perfect candidate for distance education.