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Degree in Information Technology: An Overview



The broad field of Information Technology attracts students interested in computers and technology-related careers. Indeed, getting a degree in IT is promising as the sphere is generally characterized by high employment rates and competitive salaries. The technical knowledge that IT specialists get during studies makes them suitable for working in numerous industries. Let’s discuss the peculiarities of an IT degree and potential careers. 


What Is Information Technology? 

Information Technology (IT) is a multi-faceted field that studies electronic data processes. It explores and improves the functions of hardware, software, infrastructure, and automatization tools. IT focuses on the use of computers for the processes of collecting, storing, processing, accessing, and securing digital data. The industry emerged in the 20th century and has been rapidly evolving ever since. The sphere is rather diverse in terms of degree specializations and professions that it can offer. Thus, IT has a variety of options for enthusiasts who are interested in technology. 


IT Degree in Detail

IT is a competitive field. To study it at a prestigious university, you should start working hard already in high school and achieve good GPA scores. It will make you stand out among other applicants. Then, you should show the institution of your choice that you are genuinely interested in their program. This step is easy to accomplish as you can refer to a write my paper for me service for help. Additionally, make sure to have letters of recommendation and high test scores to enter your dream college. 


IT programs usually take four years, providing students with the first-hand experience in computer systems and theoretical knowledge in core subject areas. Most institutions allow flexible programs with a large number of electives. So you can choose a sphere that interests you most, such as security, management, development, or administration. This way, you will follow your individualized career path, focusing on your priorities and preferences. 


What Will You Study as a Future IT Specialist? 

The curriculum for IT students differs, depending on their specialization. Yet, some basic courses are similar for all students as they teach the fundamentals of how to work with electronic data, facilitating its collection, maintenance, and security. The common IT courses are:

  • Foundations of Web Development

  • Introduction to Logic

  • Database Management

  • Information Security

  • Computer System Administration

  • Introduction to Data Communication 

  • System Analysis Fundamentals

  • Network Administration

  • Programming Languages

  • IT Project Management

Employment Potential of IT Professionals 

There are numerous jobs that you can apply for as an IT expert. Some of them are:


Information system manager. If you see yourself in organizing and coordinating activities connected to information systems and programming, you can become an information system manager. This job offers you an average salary from $90,000 to $145,000 per year. The sum generally depends on the state and organization where you work. 


Computer systems analyst. This occupation entails identifying and analyzing problems in the work of computer systems to improve their efficiency. Analysts should constantly check the strength and limitations of the existing systems to determine the changes that can be implemented. They should also work to enhance the protection of systems and networks of a certain organization. 


Software developer. The job of a software developer focuses on creating and improving software and specialized applications for different industries. The areas range from medical and military spheres to business and entertainment as the work of IT professionals is required in all fields. Developers need to understand the demands and needs of clients to develop suitable software solutions. 


Computer system support specialist. If you have a high level of competence in IT, and you want to help others solve technology-related issues, you can start a career as a computer system support specialist. You will work in a company, assisting employees from other departments. Yet, you may also be required to help customers to solve their issues over the phone or via email. The average salary in this area equals $45,000. 


Computer system engineer. This job requires eminent analytical skills and technological competence. A computer system engineer must be knowledgeable about the functioning of hardware and software to help a client find the necessary solution for their needs. They should take care of data processing and security to ensure the best outcomes for their organization. The salary of a software engineer varies, depending on the specialization of a professional. It ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 per annum.


Final Thoughts

With a bachelor’s degree in IT, you become qualified for a range of different professions. Yet, the sphere develops fast, and you need to be prepared that being an IT expert is a life-long learning process. Regardless of the specialization, the job is rewarding, both financially and emotionally. Thus, receiving a degree in IT is a good investment in your future personal and professional growth.