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Cool Dorm Rooms: 6 Tips for An Awesome Dorm Room!




Some say that your room is the sheer outlook of your personality. If that's the case, then most dorm rooms will give out an impression of an overwhelmed, busy, and even nerve-racking student. Don't get disheartened, because a dorm room doesn't have to resemble your behavior, just maybe give out the cool and stylish lifestyle that you're leading. The beauty of your dorm room will depend on you, and if you strive to create a fantastic room that will make your college life easier and make people revisit your room again and again, here are some awesome tips to upscale its outlook.

    1. 1. Embrace warm lightning

As a student you probably know how vital it is to have a decent desk or bed lamp for late-night studying, but did you know that you can maximally revive your dorm with it? That's right, you can totally fashion-up your dorm room by placing fancy string lights that will exude warm hues and make the space cozier and inviting. What's more, you can hang or stick led fluorescent strip lights or place fancy floor lamps to spruce up the d├ęcor and have an additional glowy effect for studying. 

    1. 2. Get surrounded by hand-crafted art

If you are into some cool and unique hand-crafted art, you can place, for instance, a magnificent sugar skull (calavera) that is both edible and historical. Even if having dead skulls around your dorm room might sound too creepy, don’t be fooled as they are extremely creative and add a historical vibe to the ambient. Adding hand-crafted art will surely make your room look cool and stand out from the rest.

    1. 3. Add funky mirrors

Every student should have a mirror in his or her dorm room, even just to double-check how they look before they go out on a special date. Plus, having a mirror in your room will spare you the trip of going to the mutual dorm bathroom. Anyhow, don't place just any ordinary mirror, think vintage. Hang a rustic, iron mirror, or embellish it with some funky stickers or student badges. A chic and posh mirror will not only make your dorm room bigger, but it will make your selfie photos look bombastic.

    1. 4.  Hang cool wall art

Don’t leave bare walls, otherwise, your room will seem empty and cold. You can make a personal picture wall art by simply sticking your precious family and friends' photos. Another cool idea is to put a poster of your favorite band, a copy of some famous painting, or even an extra-large world map to mark the places which are on your bucket list. If you are not into posters, other fanciful and captivating wall art are floating shelves, petite pots with flowers, or

    1. 5. Splash out some hues

Whether you place dazzling floor cushions or throw some classy and fluffy bed covers, sheets, or blankets, make sure that you expand your color pallet. Sticking to plain white, black, or grey colors will make your room feel closed and dark. Determine which color suits you the best, and if you don't have the option to repaint your dorm room, then incorporate some decorative items in multicolored hues.

    1. 6. Revive those timid floors

The dorm room just seems so yucky. Despite having hardwood or laminate flooring, most dorm floors are nasty, and one very tactful way to revive them is to cover them up with some exciting rug. Carpets are rather expensive for a student, but you can get some second-hand shrubby or printed rug. Cover the worn out floor under your chair or desk, or simply lay it neatly in front of your bed, and voila!

These genuinely creative and inexpensive tips will undoubtedly transform your seemingly boring dorm room into an awesome shelter.