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5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Online Resume Builder



If you are planning to start a job search, a high-quality resume will certainly come in handy. A stylish and informative CV will help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants and draw the recruiter’s attention. 

A completed resume that shows your work experience, accomplishments, and key skills is the first step towards an interview. These days, it’s easy to build a resume for your dream job – it can be done in a couple of clicks. Platforms offer all the services you need– you just have to know which kind of help you are looking for. 

Then, start choosing a builder that suits your requirements – and we will give you a hand with that. 

Can You Turn to a Professional Writer for Help? 

Some resume builders offer a wonderful opportunity to hire a writer who knows what your job applications need. You can craft a winning resume with the help of experienced specialists who know what the hiring manager wants to see. So, if you ask yourself: «Can someone build a resume for me?», the answer is

Professional writers have a huge experience in organizing and illustrating your qualifications. They will make sure all of them are showcased. 

Of course, to get more interviews, you need to have a complete profile on LinkedIn as well. It’s hard to underestimate this platform since many job seekers find lots of vacancies there. If you need help with a LinkedIn resume - consider turning to SkillHub writers for professional assistance. Having all your strengths displayed in your profile greatly increases your chances to be on the recruiters’ lists.

If you have a resume ready but want to free it from mistakes or inaccuracies - you are in luck! Writers often provide editing and proofreading services - they will redo your application to make it truly flawless


The Pricing

Of course, some services offer free resume templates and examples, but most of them are paid. So, before you begin the writing business, analyze the pricing system and your expectations. There are often three subscription types: basic, advanced, and pro. Others can be based on a time period: 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months subscription. Types differ in the package of services such as:

  • A number of CV pages or cover letters you can complete;

  • Available templates, fonts, and specialized sections;

  • Layouts, designs and color themes, etc.

Will Your Resume Beat the ATS Bots?

Career advice experts have always stressed the fact that recruiters usually spend no more than 6 seconds, reading our resumes. Catching their attention isn't easy, but now the applicant tracking process seems to be even tougher. Why? 

More and more companies turn to ATS systems that scan the applications for necessary keywords. If your resume doesn't pass the check, then the recruiter won't even see it. Therefore, if you thought that your CVs fell into a black hole, most likely, the ATS bots simply didn’t find relevant keywords in them.

Of course, there are other things that ATS pays attention to. They are: 

  • Simple fonts, colors, and markings on lists;

  • The correct resume structure and readability;

  • The desired file format (PDF is more preferable).

Thus, there are lots of things you should take into account to make an ATS-friendly resume. Fortunately, some resume builders take the algorithms of such systems into consideration. They help you build a resume in accordance with the way ATS scans your applications.


Examples and Templates

No doubt, it’s much easier to write a resume when you have an amazing example to follow. Many services provide free examples based on job types. All you have to do is find one that is relevant to your career field, for example:

  • Education and human services;

  • Marketing and sales;

  • Customer service, etc.

You can also find examples of the most common resume types, there are three of them. 

Chronological seems to be the most preferred by employers – it lists your recent position first. This type is for you if you are applying for a job similar to your previous ones. Next, we’ve got functional which focuses on your experiences and key skills. Choose this type if you are changing careers. The last one is a combination of the two: it’s appropriate for candidates with employment gaps.

As for the templates, luckily, some resume builders provide free ones. You can choose the format that suits your background, needs, and area. 

This way, candidates who look for a job in the field of technology, banking or law, often pick out such layouts as simple, modern, and functional. Candidates from more conservative fields can use something more minimalistic and traditional. Applicants from creative industries (fashion, advertising) tend to choose designs that are eye-catching and vivid.

Remember that readability and simple structure will help the hiring manager analyze your CV as quickly as possible. That is why it’s recommended to select a template with whitespace and precise section titles, graphs, and timelines.

Is There a Cover Letter Builder? 

Some job offers don’t state that you need to send a cover letter. However, by writing it, you will definitely increase the chances of getting a call or email from a recruiter. 

The main purpose of a cover letter is to convince employers that you are a worthy and motivated candidate. It will help you indicate an interest in a specific professional field and briefly mention the achievements that positively characterize you.

Fortunately, many resume builders assist you in writing cover letters. There are:

  • Examples for various professions grouped by industries;

  • Suggestions for designs;

  • Step-by-step guides and video tutorials. 

You may also find examples such as a general cover letter, creative, entry-level, career change, and so on.


Final Thoughts

When looking through resume builders, don’t forget to read their blogs. There might be loads of helpful information. Articles usually cover such themes as soft skills, guides to remote jobs, getting an internship, or popular mistakes job candidates make. Besides, you will probably learn something useful reading inspiring stories of other candidates on such blogs too.