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Career Outlook - Business Administration

Career Outlook – Business Administration

According to BusinessWeek magazine, the job outlook for those students graduating with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree is up, with more than half of the graduates in the Class of 2011 leaving school with a job offer ready. This is up from previous years and shows trending in the right direction, with prospects expected to be even higher in upcoming years.


An MBA degree is not a guarantee for employment, but few degrees are. But as many people transition into the business sector following education in other areas, having the higher level business-oriented degree is a distinct advantage.


The Prospects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business, management and financial occupations are expected to increase by about eleven percent in the next ten years, which is about the average for all occupations. Those with a master’s degree will have more opportunity to take advantage of this growth in opportunity directing the activities of business, government, and other organizations.

Particular growth areas are expected to be:

  • Management, scientific and technical consulting
  • Government
  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Finance and insurance
  • Construction


The largest growth is expected in the management, scientific and technical consulting sector, with the complexity of the field necessitating more and more expert managers and business specialists with technical backgrounds. Engineers and scientists with business background will be in particularly high demand.