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A Career In Supply Chain Management Cloud Solution With SAP Ariba Certification



Every business is a multifaceted entity. Business is about buying, adding value, and selling. A manufacturer or even a service provider also gets involved in these activities. The profitability of a business is dependent on effectively managing these processes. Procurement, Processing, and selling all are very critical factors for the success of a business. The requirement to regulate the whole process gave birth to the concept of supply chain management. Let’s see what Supply Chain Management is all about.

Supply Chain Management

Most of businesses have three types of business activities. They buy something. Add value to that in some way, and sell that. A manufacturer buys raw material, produces a product from that material, and sells it. Supply Chain Management involves the management of the whole process that is required to deliver a product to the customer starting from the procurement of raw materials. Supply Chain Management is very essential for a business to maximize the profitability and value of the product. 


Following is a scenario that involves supply chain management at all levels.

  • Procurement of raw materials

  • Storage of raw material

  • Conversion of raw materials into products

  • Warehousing of the finished product

  • Delivery to the distribution center

  • Storage of product at the distribution center

  • Delivery to retailers and resellers

Goals of a Supply Chain Management System

An effective SCM system delivers 3 goals to the business

  1. Reducing The Cost

  2. Improving The Efficiency

  3. Satisfying The Demand

SAP leads the global enterprise software market. ERP is the forte of SAP. As part of the enterprise solution portfolio, SAP offers a comprehensive cloud-based Supply Chain Management system named SAP Ariba. SAP Ariba is among the most adopted SCM platforms in the enterprise sphere. 

SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is a cutting-edge cloud-based solution that integrates vendors and customers on a common platform. It strengthens an organization's entire vendor management structure by reducing sourcing costs and simplifying processes. To do business on a global scale, Ariba works as a supply chain and procurement provider. Your supply chain, sourcing, and contract administration systems are digitally transformed with SAP Ariba.

SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Ariba Integration with Cloud Integration Gateway


The "SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Ariba Integration with Cloud Integration Gateway" certification exam validates that the applicant holds the fundamental and core knowledge needed for the consulting position in the field of integrating SAP Ariba applications with each other and with other systems. This credential verifies that the candidate has a comprehensive knowledge of the content and will adapt it to projects in order to contribute to the preparation and execution phases' progress in a mentoring capacity. It is not mandatory to have previous project experience to pass this test.  It is an entry-level associate certification and it covers SAP Ariba sub-solution.  It is a single exam certification and can be earned by passing the SAP Ariba exam C_ARCIG_2108. Following are the details about the SAP Ariba C_ARCIG_2108 exam. 

About The Exam: C_ARCIG_2108 Questions Answers

The SAP Ariba exam Questions - C_ARCIG_2108 dumps is an online exam. The format of the exam is multiple questions and multiple answers. The total number of questions in the exam is 80 questions. The candidate is required to earn a minimum cut score of 52% to pass the exam. The total duration of the exam is 180 mins (3 Hours).


Currently, the exam is available in English Language only. The latest course outline and exam layout can be obtained from the SAP website. 

Resources For The Preparation Of SAP Exam

As with the other product-based certification exams, the first-hand experience and clarity of basic concepts about product functionality are required to pass the SAP exam: C_ARCIG_2108. There are no credential prerequisites with most of the associate certifications but the recommended experience is a must for smooth understanding. To prepare yourself for the  SAP exam: C_ARCIG_2108 you can take two routes. The first one is Instructor-led training and the other one is Self-paced training. 


For instructor-led training SAP Learning Hub is the right choice. SAP Learning Hub offers you virtual classroom training and a hands-on practice lab. Enrollment is subject to your country of origin and availability of seats. SAP also offers the study material through a subscription of US$1800. 


If you want to adopt the self-paced training route, you can get exceptionally cheaper alternatives to the expensive Official training. The updated study material for the SAP Exam: C_ARCIG_2108 is available at Crack4Sure. The complete package for SAP Exam: C_ARCIG_2108 consists of a PDF Study Guide and Testing Engine that are prepared according to the latest exam objectives defined by SAP. The braindumps by Crack dumps allow you to experience real exam scenarios. Choosing the right training is the key to sure success. 


A business regardless of its activities always has to manage the two-way relationship at the minimum. In most of the business models, there are vendors and customers. It is very critical to manage both ends of the business. For businesses with multiple products, it becomes necessary to manage the supply chain as a separate entity. Effective supply chain management is essential for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers,  and even service providers. Supply chain management is an essential component of an effective ERP solution. When it comes to ERP, SAP is the first name that comes to your mind. SAP offers a comprehensive solution for supply chain management. SAP Ariba is an unconventional cloud-based supply chain and procurement solution that connects suppliers, buyers, and businesses on a unified platform. Supply chain management-related jobs constitute a large number in the job market. SAP is the number one ERP solution provider in the market. SAP Certifications are considered to be among the most valuable credentials in the enterprise software solutions domain. The SAP exam: C_ARCIG_2108 can earn you SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Ariba Integration with Cloud Integration Gateway certification which is an entry-level technical credential with better job prospects in the Supply Chain Management market.