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There has been a great deal of hype over the last 20 years over the power of the MBA. There are more students enrolling in college for the MBA program than any other degree program. Does this mean that you have to go back to college to move into the field of business management? No. With the advent of the internet, much has changed in the area of education, one of the most significant being the availability of training programs and education resources to help you start your career in the industry of your choice. This (Business Administration) is no longer an exception.

There is a new program that is being offered called the "Certified Manager Program" The program is not only widely available at a wide array of locations on the internet but you will find that there is specializations that will allow you to track into the career field of your choice. These include Supply management, Food Management, Purchasing Management and a host of others. This all stems from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers, which created the program concept originally.

The requirements are a little different from place to place but generally involve existing credentials, educational experience, military experience and other factors. If you're a four-year degree holder with three years military experience you will most likely qualify to take the exam if you feel you can pass or attend the coursework program to prepare. The is the general pattern you will find at most of the institutes that offer these types of certifications The advantage is that you can track directly into a new career without starting college all over again, or finishing.

Moreover, in many cases those without a business degree or even only a high school diploma can qualify with the needed combination of military and work experience or even other certifications! If you decide that this program is for you then you'll need to gather up all your certificates, military records and college transcripts to begin your admissions process. These are generally needed no matter where you go but check first after decided which institute you plan on attending.

As to your career and your future prospects, you will find there is little difference between you and the one that started out in college getting their MBA. While there are some differences in the skill set, you will have the advantage of having been specifically trained in a particular field. This may be a field, such as food management or purchasing that you already have practical experience in, a decided practical advantage. This means that you opening career position are unlikely to be less desirable than the individual that just graduated fresh from college with little or no practical experience. This means that you will be in the same salary class and will be seen as having the advantage in real-world experience. No, this is not a replacement for the venerable MBA but rather a path for those who have the will and the personal qualifications to fill the needed jobs without having to "start all over again. Get started today and find an accelerated business degree program near you or choose to take an online program.