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If you are looking for a great growth career then look no further than a certificate or degree from a top accredited school. Take your time when selecting a college and pick property management training coursein your area or choose an online option that many schools offer.

See the stats below.

  • Employment of property, real estate, and community association managers is projected to increase by 15 percent during the 2006-16 decade, faster than average for all occupations.
  • Projected growth through 2020: 329,000 to 379,000.
  • Median annual earnings of salaried property, real estate, and community association managers were $43,070. The middle 50 percent earned between $28,700 and $64,200 a year. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $20,140, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $95,170 a year.
  • The mean national wage estimate for property, real estate and community association managers: $53,000.
  • More than half of property, real estate, and community association managers are self-employed.
  • Property, real estate, and community association managers held about 329,000 jobs in 2013. About 36 percent worked for real estate agents and brokers, lessors of real estate, or activities related to real estate.
  • Job growth among onsite property managers in commercial real estate is expected to accompany the projected expansion of the real estate and rental and leasing industry. An increase in the Nation's stock of apartments, houses, and offices also should require more property managers.
  • Particularly good opportunities are expected for those with experience managing housing for older people or with experience running a health unit.
  • The number of older people will grow during the 2020 projection period, increasing the need for specialized housing, such as assisted-living facilities and retirement communities that require management.