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If you love to sell, love to talk to others, and have the motivation and leadership skills to help others, obtaining a degree in retail management and merchandising could definitely put you on the road to success!

With a degree in retail management, you will have a large variety of options for career opportunities. Whether you focus on being a an amazing retail salesperson who knows the product they are selling inside and out, or jump right into being a retail manager for a big-box company, a retail management degree will definitely help you stand out from the rest. While studying for a degree in retail management, you will focus on core principals of retail and economics, as well as understanding accounting, marketing practices, communications, and small business management skills. All of these, along with leadership and a sunny disposition and personality, will gain you respect and recognition in the retail industry.

The retail field can be profitable when it encourages sales and offers high commissions on big-ticket products such as vehicles, for example. A great communicator that is honest and personable will thrive in a retail management position, and a degree will take that knowledge and passion one step further!

If working at your local grocery store or car dealership isn't exactly what you're looking for in a career, you can also pursue a job as a purchasing manager for a large company. Purchasing managers and agents obtain goods for stores and other retail establishments, and are the deciding factor as to what a store sells and don't sell. They make decisions with wholesalers and suppliers to settle on prices and expected demand of products to determine the worth of these items to the company they are representing. It is a more "behind-the-scenes" approach to retail, but one would definitely excel in this field with a retail management degree and the skills that are learned throughout their education.

With a degree in retail management, you can also pursue a higher education along the line of business programs and sales and merchandising studies. This could extend ones knowledge of economics and finances, marketing and sales, and even help one focus on aspects of business such as accounting and bookkeeping. These skills all tie into the retail management and marketing degree, which allow you to narrow your specialties and shine in one area of retail and focus on it as your main career goal. Obtaining a retail management degree while working in the retail industry shows your boss and fellow coworkers that you are serious about moving up the ladder within the company and can give you the edge when it comes to deciding who to move up to replace an existing or retiring retail manager.

Everyone appreciates an honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable sales person, and if you boast a bubbly personality and a positive attitude, you will do quite well in the retail management business. Sales and merchandising are not for everyone, but for those who have a true knack and skill in the business, they will definitely flourish in their career.