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While there are plentiful degree, certification, and educational options for business in general, there is little or nothing for Small Business Management. The reason being that the vast majority of successful small business owners and managers are self-starters and have "risen in the ranks" of their own profession. Plumbers, psychologists, stamp collectors, just about anyone in any field. That said, over 99% of all firms that have or hire employees are small businesses.

There are over 26 million small businesses in the United States today and they employ over half of all workers. With so much of the total U.S. economy represented by small business there is a growing availability of degree and small business management certification programs that focus on small business, specific issues, and skills. A little time on the Internet will prove this fact. With so many small businesses struggling to survive, many are now looking for managers who can prove competency. This means that an degree in small business management will give you a big advantage. However, following that up with a degree or certification specializing in small business is a big plus.

A certification program will generally encompass about 20 to 30 credits and will cover accounting, communication, computers, HR, and a general introduction to a wide range of business studies. Most often, these will be one-year programs and will be applicable to a full Associates degree or beyond. In addition, some Associate degrees programs specialize in small business.

There is nothing more challenging or rewarding than building it yourself and enjoying the fruits of success and independence. That is the essence of the desire to pursue a career in small business. Of all employed persons in the U.S., over 130 million are employed by small business. Thirty nine percent of high-tech workers are employed by small business. The average small business generates between 3.6 and 5 million dollars in annual revenue. Small business is responsible for 60 to 80% of ALL new employment. Yes, failure rates are high for small business but this is the same across all industry sectors and is attributed to the business acumen of the owners. Therefore, fortune will favor those with a strong background in business education and knowledge. As to earnings, the sky is the limit and individual results may vary, but the average personal income for small business owners has been reported as $46,000. Keep in mind that most small businesses are considered SOHO's or Small-Office, Home-Office with less than ten employee's average. If you prepare, and are ready to work hard, you can build your own career in the small business field

The future of small business is not in doubt. As the over-all GDP (Gross Domestic Product, a measure of the total output of a nation's economy) increases so will the number of small business. Every year there are 627,000 new business start-ups and seven out of ten will survive 2 years. Future changes in the Industry will include a significant increase in the number of SOHO's. There are currently 13 million home-based businesses in the U.S. with nearly 10 million being full-time. This is expected to grow faster than the over-all rate of employment. As more and more people are influenced by the recession the number that "go it alone" increases. Management services, products, business supplies, professional services, technology services and a host of others are expected to benefit increasingly from small business growth.