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MBA Degree in Business Administration, Career Information

This is without a doubt, considered the gold standard of business education. The recognized around the world, the MBA is the entryway to any serious career in the business world. MBA stands for "Masters of Business Administration" This particular track is the primary or basic degree. You will start out with Topics such as marketing, economics, finance, accounting, sociology, taxation, business law, marketing, public relations, and other more specialized business topics. This is a six-year degree and you will have the opportunity to specialize as you progress into the more advanced levels.

This is a very important educational program. So much so that there are dedicated accreditation bodies that exist to insure standardization across all educational institutions offering an MBA degree program. The MBA designation originated in the United States, emerging from the late 19th century as the country industrialized and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. As you progress through your studies, you will earn the Associates Degree and then a Bachelors Degree. There are Doctoral programs available as well. With such high demand, there are now part-time programs, accelerated programs and Executive programs. Many of these offer the chance to earn this degree while working full-time or fast track a full degree in two years (with prerequisites, of course).

Career Information

The primary goal of an MBA is to pursue a career in business administration. The target of any career in that field is the "Top Executive." The Bureau of Labor Statistics” lists this as a primary occupation. Total current employment in this occupation is over 2.1 million now and is not expected to grow over the next ten years. However, as individuals move up, and out in some cases, opportunities arise. This is a HIGHLY competitive field and not for the faint of heart! Nevertheless, the rewards are significant. Being one of the fundamental degree/career paths, you will have the chance to pursue one of a wide range of career paths from non-profit, to governmental, health care, manufacturing, or almost any field of work, as they all require skilled, competent management.


While there is a specific field associated with the MBA, there is no industry that is not a part of the future of this career trajectory. Companies have emerged in the last decade providing management analytics and CEO Candidacy services. These are an interesting potential as many businesses are downsizing in favor of the temporary worker. Yes, temporary CEO's, CFO's, and other traditional Top Executive jobs are regularly outsourced now, and there is a growing demand for this. However, demand for Top Executives in all fields will remain steady and will continue growing in response to the expansion of the economy. There is also the demand that is created by foreign companies seeking to do business in the United States that seek "native" management to insure the success of their venture. As globalization expands this segment will as well.