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Of all the business fields to study, entrepreneurship is the most alluring, and potentially profitable. This is an esoteric field of business study and the educational opportunities are growing. For those with the desire to become a part of this field you will find a wide range of degree programs at many mainstream and online schools. Bachelor's degree programs are the most popular and the natural goal. Your educational experience will encompass elements including starting new businesses, risk analysis, manufacturing basics, marketing, business plan writing, and development.

The last item in the list is perhaps the most important as most institutions will require both practical experience and theoretical study. If you are drawn to new business ideas, then this is the field you need to be in. As with most Bachelor's degree programs, you will need a HS diploma and you will need to complete the normal core educational prerequisites. In some cases, you will need to complete them prior to program admission. Find the perfect entrepreneurship degree program today to get started. You will be studying some of the following subjects:

  • Managerial decision-making
  • Employee compensation
  • Investment analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Purchasing
  • Operations management
  • Product development
  • Business ethics

Of course, a thorough grounding in business management and fundamentals is needed. This is the elite of the business world and can be a part of an over-all MBA program as a specialization.

Career Information

While entrepreneurship degrees are focused primarily on launch new businesses, many graduates pursue employment with existing businesses upon receiving a degree for the sake of "on the ground" experience in the field. A Bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship is suited for managerial positions in the following areas: general consulting, business operations, sales and marketing, product development, and other business analysis operations. Many companies provide professional management consulting services to small business and this education will ideally suited you to that end. The outlook for careers in this field is quite strong, to say the least.

More than most business related fields, Entrepreneurship is an open-ended study. As the economy goes, so goes the world of the maverick entrepreneur. With wild fluctuations in the growth of the general business climate, the future of this field is very dynamic. The maxim is that 80% of new businesses fail in their first five years; however, the individuals without this vital training start most of them. During up markets your skills will serve you well, in down markets your skill may be in high demand by those needing to break out. There is great risk and great reward to be had by those willing to embrace risk and apply themselves.