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Become a Real Estate Agent

So you want to be a realtor? Have you done your research yet? You should definitely do lots of research and seriously think about it, if you really want to do it. Real estate is a great field to get into; it's independent and rewarding. But it's not for everyone, and definitely not for the faint of heart. Here are the top 3 things you should be aware of before getting into real estate: Cost, Time and Hard work

To be exceptional in real estate, you must be self-motivated, success-driven and have the skills necessary to sell. You must first, however, know exactly what a real estate agent does in their job every day. Here are some of the details of what a realtor does:

  • Have detailed knowledge of the real estate market in their city
  • Ability to determine what the value of someone's home is
  • Must be familiar with their surrounding communities
  • Must know what communities have particular restrictions
  • Must be able to do comparisons of prices between different homes
  • Find reliable mortgage brokers for clients
  • Provide home and termite inspector- Finding an attorney for the closing documents

A realtor handles everything for their client, from the beginning to the end; whether it is for the sale or purchase of a home. The end doesn't come when the home is sold, however. There's more work for the realtor after this. This work is all in the form of paper. The realtor is in charge of mailing the necessary paperwork to attorneys or any other department in the realtor's office. There's also the home and termite inspections paperwork to review and make executive decisions on.

Another consideration to have, if you want to become a realtor is the amount of hours you will be working. Your hours will most likely be a little over forty hours a week. You will be showing home to potential buyers in the evenings or on Saturday and Sundays, which is the time that most people look at houses since they're not at work during those times. Many realtors can do a lot of their work during the day at home, and then go out to show houses in the evenings. As a realtor you are also able to set your own hours because your work independently. Since you don't have to set in everyday with a boss, or go into an office everyday because you work independently, it may be easy to be distracted. So as a realtor, you must be able to stay focused and discipline yourself.

So now that you've gotten some basic facts about becoming a realtor, you are ready to get started. First, you must take a real estate training class to learn all the information and terminology you need to know as a realtor. You can find out about real estate classes by calling local real estate agencies. These classes not only prepare you to be a realtor, but they also prepare you or the realtor examination you will need to take. After you've completed the class, it will be time to get your license in order to work as a realtor in your state.