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There is no field as hyped as, or as potentially lucrative as, Internet Marketing. Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions (Public Relations, etc...) constitute an entire sub-section on the U.S. Government Industry Employment Statistics site, as well, it should. This engine drives growth in ALL companies. The Internet specific segment is one of the fastest growing. Since the late 90's this has been true and it will continue. From an educational standpoint, this fascinating field starts in marketing itself. In addition, the options for pursuing a degree program in Marketing are extensive and well established. In addition to the required coursework, you will study for a Marketing degree you will study the dynamics and structure of the Internet itself and how marketing applies to this intensely competitive field.

You will need to study the basics of Web Design, and Applications. There will be courses focusing on internet marketing tools, methods, and theory. You will also need to learn about Intellectual Property Law and Media Law and other courses that will prepare you for a professional position in the field. This a highly structured study and you will learn about statistics, consumer behavior, and market analysis science. Then there are the fields of Advertising, Sales, and PR. These are separate and equal disciplines of their own and you will need to have a through grounding in many of the subjects involved. A international business degree in this field is highly coveted and individuals are highly sought after by companies in the industry. Of course, you will need to meet all entry requirements for the institution you will be attending, ACT, SAT, HS transcripts, and College transcripts if you are already in school. Additionally, you will need to pass all of the base degree requirements before pursuing your chosen specialization.

The entire industry of Internet Marketing, E-Commerce and its related sectors is so new and growing so fast that new job opportunities are opening up just as fast new categories can be created. From SEO to SEM to advanced statistical analysis and applications this is a very new industry and it will eventually overtake the entire industry as a percentage of all activities! Soon more commerce will be E-commerce and M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce, the even newer field of Mobile Phone and Smartphone Commerce and Advertising) then traditional retail. The U.S. government predicts that Job growth in the general Sales, Promotion, Advertising, and Marketing sector will grow by 12 to 14 percent but the Internet and its related sectors are growing much faster.

The primary driver of this meteoric industry is internet growth. Globally, it grew over 450%! In addition, this is only going up! In addition, with the even more intense growth of the Mobile and Smartphone user base, which is double the number of Internet Users and growing even faster the raw dollars involved, are staggering! In the U.S. E-Commerce one of the key metrics of the market over-all, grew by 6% to over $130 Billion. Every new user is a new customer. It is hard to imagine any marketplace growing this fast. The potential for the internet and the Smartphone market is nearly beyond calculation as much of what is transacted off the internet is moving to the internet and the internet is moving to the Smartphones. You be the Judge, Do you think there's future here?