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Best Universities in the US for International Students

Studying in the United States remains one of the biggest dreams of students world over. You read the profiles of many senior managers, and government officials in any country-many have the names of colleges and universities in the US.

Why Study in the USA-Is it worth the “hype”?
Have you ever entered an interview hall if you are in Africa or Asia or whatever part of the world, only to realize that the American graduate you are competing with has taken the job? In some countries, you cannot even compete with a graduate from the USA in an interview because of the belief that they are naturally superior. The panelists just can’t figure out how on earth you can be better than a graduate of a US college. It almost makes you feel like for you to taste the real meaning of success; you should at least study in the United States.

Look at the leadership of many global organizations and multinationals. There is one common characteristic of most of them-You will always find a graduate of a top American University in the high ranks. It is something worth coveting. It is an achievement of its kind for an international student. For many, it is a dream come true.

And what about getting a job in the US? Have you ever imagined working in some office in the United States? The first step towards achieving this dream is to study in one of the top colleges and universities in the States. Studying in the USA brings you closer to the headquarters of the world’s largest and wealthiest companies and organization. If you ever dreamed of being more than just a facebook subscriber, studying in the US brings you closer to being a manager at the company’s headquarters.

And just before we get out of here, have you ever thought of the whole world gathered at one point-now that’s amazing. That is what studying in the United States brings your way. Here, you will meet people from all walks of life and be able to get a feel of their culture-you will always have a story to tell.

But is it all that rosy?
Even before you set your foot out of your country to go study in the United States, there are challenges that will always remain inevitable. So what are it these that have the potential of turning your dream upside down?

One of the challenges you are likely to face in if you don’t make your choice well is landing a college with very high fees. Some students have dropped out of college because the eventual school fees became exceedingly far above what they had imagined. It is therefore necessary to always have information that will help you choose a college whose fees you can afford.

Life in the United States Universities is not all bread and butter. Remember you are getting into the best university in the first world, which is also the “fast world” so you better be able to catch up, lest you lag and come out with only the name of the university. These are the universities and colleges where the most critical research work is done, so if you don’t know how to type a research paper, you may never find peace with your studies. The world is always waiting for when the universities in the USA will design the ever elusive drug for cancer. You will not afford to take it slow.

University life in the United States can sometimes be so tough: you have this research paper to write, and yet you also joined the basketball club, and you have a series of games that go beyond the submission deadline. How do you survive this? A smart student knows he can always order a research paper online so that even when he is away, deadlines will never catch him unprepared.

That the US has several top-class universities makes it a significant challenge to select a college. After a student from Africa, Asia or any other continent in the world has studied so hard to catch this rare opportunity, he or she is faced by an even harder exam of choosing the best college to study in.

Because of there being many prestigious colleges and Universities in the USA, most prospective students can’t figure out which one to go to. They spend much time trying to find a proper ranking for the universities that would help them make this critical decision. Without a reliable source of information, you are always bound to make the wrong choice and book regrets. Your choice can be so wrong that it eventually kills all the zeal you had for that fantasy life in a prestigious American University.

Which, therefore, are the top colleges and universities in the United States for international students? Below is a list of some of the universities that offer the friendliest environments for international students.

The New York University
NYU leads in International student enrolment in the United States. In 2017, the university registered 20% first year international students. This is in sharp contrast with colleges like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which records as low as a mere 2.9% in international student admission.

One of the main reasons why NYU leads is its strategic location in Manhattan, NY, which is one of the very famous cities worldwide. NYU also has no restrictions on the number of overseas admissions it makes per year. This is one of the few universities where you apply for admission with real hopes that things will turn positive. Out of NYU’S 58,419 students, 17,000 are international students.

Mount Holyoke College
This beautiful women only college has about 20% of its population being international students. The college has something unique and attractive: it gives financial assistance to about 55% of the full-time undergraduates

Babson College
This top ranking college, which is located just outside Boston, was recently recognized by Forbes as the best school for international studies. Babson leads when it comes to percentage intake of international students-admitting up to 28% international students.

University of Southern California
With a student population of 44, 000, USC has 10,571 international students. This makes about 25% of the total student population. One of the main factors that attract international students to USC is its history of ensuring that education remains affordable for all, thus attracting even students who might not have been able to afford the other leading universities.

Harvard University
Considered by many as the best university in the world, Harvard also attracts many international students, thanks to its lack of financial need based barriers. By offering financial aid to a whopping 70% of its undergraduate students, it means even students from not so rich backgrounds can afford it. The only challenge one has to surmount is the high academic prowess that you have to show in order to get admission, but as a smart student, you can always buy papers and find your way there.

Overall, most friendly universities tend to be located in areas with a high population of foreigners. There is a common belief that a traveled person is an open-minded person. This is the belief behind the change in the face of your friend when you tell him you are just arriving from the USA or some other country far away. In fact, very few people wait to know what exactly you went to do. That you were out of the country is enough proof that you are an important person in society