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The Best Electric Skateboards and Longboards for College



Technology is in continuous development to make people’s lives easier. The youth always needs what facilitates daily stress in college. Commuting across campus can sometimes be very time-consuming, especially with deadlines and schedules cramming up. This is how electric skateboards and longboards can help you take a short cut and ease your way in and out. There are some differences between them, but they both qualify as great devices to move around quickly, especially in crowded areas. 

They provide numerous advantages, such as inexpensive fuel and low maintenance materials, while they also provide you with the ability to ride on sidewalks and roads, as they are lightweight and portable. These features help students that are already worrying over expenses between college tuition, student loans, and housings. Several products of various specifications are flooding the market. This article will explore the finest electric skateboards and longboards for college.


Yuneec E-Go 2

Great electric skateboards give you more control and better steering and Yuneec E-Go 2 certainly delivers on both. It features 12-mm, eight-layered fused wood for more sturdiness and two riding options to suit any type of rider. What makes the E-Go 2 model ideal is that it copes with the newest trends in battery life, portability, and motor functions. Additionally, you can get a fruitful command of its wireless remote controller to manage the acceleration levels.


Teamgee H8

This colorful, thin longboard has made its way through the market with high performance and lightweight size. It combines both flexibility and sturdiness. For more ride customizations, Teamgee H8 offers three speed modes: low, middle, and high. This way you can adjust the speed according to your preferred level. If you want to go to other terrains of different levels, this electric skateboard will fulfill your wishes with its angle hill grade.


HiBoy Electric Skateboard

As a college student, you would want good quality at the most affordable price. HiBoy electric skateboard brings you high top speed and easy balancing features. Its comprehensive four riding and breaking modes make it the best electric longboard in addition to a U-shaped exterior made up of seven layers of sturdy maple. It provides a fun ride for beginners, so you won’t have to worry about the dangers of high speed. The 7-layer maple also gives it an elegant exterior.


Boosted Dual+

Boosted boards have made a popular name since forever. Dual+ is equipped with impeccable technology, making it a top contender in electric skateboard markets. With an optimized battery that takes not more than an hour to recharge, you will also enjoy top speed and peak performance. It also gives you the ideal weight, length, and width, which enhances maneuverability. The well-crafted, vehicle material and high-intensity rubber wheels make the riding experience safe and stable.


WowGo 2S

WowGo 2S is another option for those who look for a high-quality performance that does not break the bank. It uses the most common Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) in almost all electronic skateboards, which is the HobbyWing ESC. It has an upgraded battery that lets you maintain high speed even if it is running low. Additionally, it is water-resistant and impressively shockproof.


Lou Board 3.0

If you need a commute or a regular stroll, Lou Board 3.0 is the one for you. It has a sleek, carbon-filled body. It can move with complete stealth in crowded areas. This maneuverable electric skateboard also provides you with easy battery, deck, and wheels swapping. With two-hub motors, you can enjoy more power and more efficient brakes.


Koowheel D3M 2 Gen

This fun electric longboard offers fun and sustainable rides for users, especially in spring and summer. It has a concave-shaped deck, allowing for sleek pivoting and easy commuting. For lovers of elegance and simplicity of black, Koowheel D3M offers a black grip-tape and a black painted deck to match with both sides. This board is also beneficial for both first-time riders and professional skaters. It has a high range and swappable batteries that provide you with more mileage to enjoy longer rides.

Finals, classes, assignments are what concern college students daily, not to mention the expenses and college commutes. Thankfully, technology can help out a great deal. With electric skateboards and longboards, students will not have to worry about missing any classes, club meetings, or college events. No more concerns regarding crowded parking lots, pricey fuel, or maintenance. With the guide provided here, you can now learn more about the most fitting electric skateboards that are tailored to your needs. Your college commutes will be faster, easier, and more fun.