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The Best Degrees To Choose From To Become a Data Scientist



Getting into programming and computer science is one of the best ways to ensure that you are employed for the rest of your life. There is barely anything that doesn’t involve software and it is getting more complex every year.

If you are already somebody comfortable with programming and know how to code then you’re already starting at an advantage. The problem is that there are so many other people out there that also know how to code. 

The trick is to specialize and dive deeper into the field than just being a programmer. A data scientist is very much in demand and if you go that route you are sure to find success.

In this article, I will go over some of the degrees you should be looking into to put yourself on the right path to land that data scientist job.


There are a lot of different disciplines when it comes to mathematics but many of them will be suited well to becoming a data scientist. Once you’ve settled on one specific discipline you should look into getting help with college admissions so you can get into the right school to help you along.

Statistics is very important in data science so that could be a focus. Also, calculus is very good as it teaches some of the underlying problem solving that goes into being a data scientist.

Whichever discipline you get into, the idea is that you’ll have the backbone of skills that you’ll need that go beyond programming when you have a degree in mathematics.


An analytics background from mathematics is important to grasp the underlying theories behind data science, but an understanding of business is also very important. These are skills that take the software out of the realm of theory and give it practical applications so it can be used in the real world.

You’ll definitely need to have a minor in mathematics or computer science to go along with it as just having the economics or business degree is not enough on its own. 


A physics degree will take all of the disciplines of the other degrees and roll them into one. You’ll get the problems solving skills, analytical skills and even be a better programmer. 

When you have a background as a programmer and then add a physics degree you have set yourself up for a wide range of careers in technology that go beyond data science. If you feel the need to change careers at some point you will be well positioned to do that with this degree. 

All of the skills that you get with a physics degree are easily transferable, you could even find yourself in a role in academia doing research that goes hand in hand with data science. 

Computer science

You definitely can’t go wrong with a computer science degree, however it doesn’t give you as much of a focus on one aspect of the field as you need to be a data scientist. You can certainly get certifications after you’ve gotten your degree in CS to get into data science, however.