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Best Culinary Arts Degrees

Best Culinary Arts Degrees

Culinary art does not just entail simply cooking; it is much more than that. You need to have specialized skills to master culinary arts. In other words, you can make sense how an artist is different from a painter. A painter is just competent enough to paint what he is asked to, but an artist can create, motivate, and transcend his work. Food is not just required for survival; for those who have been fortunate enough to witness or create artwork with food can never forget the experience. To be a master chef at a reputed institution, it is important to have a degree. A degree gives you the worth of a chef and the respected institute p practical knowledge than theoretical one.

Associate's Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts
This two-year degree program trains the students for the challenges of baking industry. There are many accredited programs, which offer externships and internships. They enable trainees to gain experience by working in real life industrial kitchens. Students gain skills in hospitality, food safety, food presentation, management, and sanitation procedures. The Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts also offers training in pastry and cake decoration, culinary desserts, operations of baking industry, proper storage, and purchase of necessary ingredients, customer service, and counter display. Many other things related to baking are also included in this course.

Careers in Baking and Pastry
Most programs in baking and pastry offer externship prior to graduation. In most of the cases, the employer hires the externs before graduation. You can seek career in the following professions after this degree.

Pastry chef: The role of being a pastry chef entails creating all pastry and baked goods at a restaurant. If you join a larger establishment, you might be assigned to take care of a certain portion of the menu.

Baker: This role allows you to work in bread shops and outlets that serve specific desserts.

Restaurant Chef: This role permits you to gain a position at entry level in a restaurant. In order to become a head chef, you need to take an advanced degree in culinary arts and have proper training.

Cake Decorator/ Cake Shop Owner: After gaining some experience, you can own a cake shop or grow to be a cake decorator. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you can enroll into courses like accounting and marketing as well.

Chocolatie: To be a Chocolatier is a challenging career nowadays. You can gain employment in reputed chocolate shops.


Where you can work
After graduation, you can look up to following places for employment:

Hotels: All hotels have an attached restaurant or in house service for food. You can apply to reputed hotels for the post of cook or chef for large scale cooking.

Restaurant: The basic job of a cook is readily available after this degree. You can gain experience for a couple of years and then reach the higher places in restaurants.

Bakeries: Nowadays, bakeries have started serving coffee and pastry dishes as well. You can grab the opportunities in bakeries as well.

Resorts: Qualified chefs are needed at top rated resorts. Many resorts around the world employ hundreds of cooks and chefs to cater to their client base.

As a fresh graduate pastry chef or baker, you are required to spend long working hours. The raise in salary is moderate for the initial years in the career. The salary at entry level is about $26,500 around the nation. However, the amount is a little higher in the coastal areas; it is about $30,000. After a few years of experience, you can refine yourself to be among the top 10% of pastry chefs and bakers who earn $55,000-$72,000 annually. 5-6% growth is expected for this industry in the coming decade.


Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts

It is not easy to learn cooking at home and be lucky enough to be a star of the industry. You need formal training to be a chef at a large-scale establishment. The degree forms a strong foundation for acquiring basic skills of this profession.


culinary arts training

For this degree, you need to dedicate 120 credit hours to the course work. A 3-hour class gives you 3 credits. You can also obtain elective courses to enhance your requirements of education. You will learn the following things in this course:

• Various methods of cooking
• Hospitality industry
• Concepts of restaurant
• Nutrition
• Planning the menu
• Management of culinary arts
• Cost and organization of food
• Cuisine and wine
• Communications
• Operations of beverage and food
• Event management

Careers in Culinary Arts
You can become a caterer if you work for a company that provides these services. You can also open your establishment.

Executive Chef: This role enables you to supervise the kitchen, create a menu, and manage the staff.

Nutritionist: You plan meals for your clients according to their needs of nutrition.

Director/ manager of beverages and foods: many resorts and hotels have dedicated mangers for beverages and foods that run bars of the property.

Cookbook writer: After gaining some experience, you can start your own blog or write a cookbook.

Restaurant manager: You can manage a restaurant and be in charge of performance of the staff.

Personal chef: Many rich people hire personal chef for themselves who design cuisines for them. There are options to work at the client’s home or make it at your place and get it delivered to the client.

You can expect a salary around $62,500 after having a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts.


Associate's Degree in Catering

There is an inherent pleasure in going to a restaurant and being served by their staff. You do not have to do anything else except enjoy your meal and pay for the services. However, many people do not like the idea of taking the inconvenience of going to a place to host a party. Associate's Degree in Catering gives an opportunity to the enthusiasts to serve their clients at their place with the best possible service. Catering does not mean just getting the food prepared and serving it at the clients’ doorstep. It needs certain level of skills to provide an enriching experience to people. Many people pay for having a talented service provider or a chef to have a delectable meal whenever and wherever they want.


culinary arts careers

What you will learn
Ground level learning: You will be able to learn ground level skills to run a successful business of catering at the highest level.

Skills: The students are trained to achieve skills needed to organize a menu, prepare delectable meals, train the staff to cook well, manage employees, transport food, software, advertising, accounting, marketing, and business administration.
Where you can work

The elements of business in this degree ensure that you run the business successfully while enjoying cooking. If you do not have the capital to open your own business, you can join a catering company to manage their business at a higher level. Many restaurants require talented individuals to look after the catering aspect of their venture. There are millions of customers in schools, hospitals, corporations, etc. which require food in large quantities but do not have specializations to get it cooked at their place. You can also become a regional representative or client liaison to put your skills to a greater use. Large chains of hotels usually demand 3-5 years of experience prior to hiring an employee to top-level management.

The salary of a caterer depends on the location and the position they hold. The average salary in this profession ranges from $44,500-$52,875.


Associate's Degree in Cooking

Do you have an instinct to create various dishes for your family and friends? Do you want to take your skills to another level but do not know what to do? If any of these questions were answered in affirmative, you can join Associate's Degree in Cooking. The course entails learning to cook hors d'oeuvres as well as the entire ten-course meal.

What you will learn
• The students of this course are taught to exhibit creativity during their preparation of gourmet food in casinos, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, catering companies, and bakeries.
• You will acquire hands-on training, comprehensive information, practical experience required for succeeding in this industry.
• You will learn how to prepare various desserts and meals for social events, private dinners, and restaurants.
• Training is given for large scale cooking.
• You will be taught the techniques to keep dishes warm for longer hours.
• You can train your employees to create delicious meals.
• You will learn the basics of beverage and food management since you will be responsible for assessing the requirement of food and order supplies.
• You can choose a specialty cooking of cultures like Italian, French, Indian, American, or vegetarian foods.
• You be taught recipe selection, equipment and tools, storage of ingredients, client surveys, and staffing.
• Many programs include imparting skills like communication, organizational, managerial, interpersonal, and problem solving.

Where you can work
• You can also develop your hobby into attractive careers by beginning culinary business on your own.
• You can offer contract services in private parties.
• You can get employment at hotels, resorts, and restaurants that have fine dining options.


Farm Fresh Cuisines
You will be given training about farm to table transportation of food, the process of growing, harvesting and storage of food. You will be trained for buying seasonal foods and the effect of importing foods on the environment.

Depending upon your rank in the company, the salary may range from $43,500- $68,750.


Associates Degrees in Culinary Arts

Associates Degrees in Culinary Arts involves taking cooking to the level of an artist. Just as an artist creates a whole new world of colors, this course entails training the students to have pleasure in creating delectable recipes. You will be trained to enjoy the journey of preparing food as well as serving it. It makes the experience of cooking much more than a necessity.


farm to table

What you will learn
• You will learn a wide range of skills to be a talented chef. The hands-on training at a real life gourmet kitchen will give you skills needed for practical cooking on a large scale.
• Practical experience is given to work with techniques, tools, appliances, and ingredients so that you can create masterpiece cuisines.
• You will be taught the basics of kitchen safety, mathematics related to culinary, nutrition, product knowledge, management training, and gastronomy.
• And of course, you will be taught contemporary and classic methods of creating delicious recipes.


Where you can work
• You can be employed at a bakery, restaurant, resort, etc.
• You can establish your own restaurant, or a business of catering.
• You can work as a pastry chef or a baker at the entry level in a bakery or a restaurant.
• You can provide food or become a chef in establishments like college dorms, schools, hotels, hospitals, resorts, and corporations. All these places have talented chefs for cooking for their staff.

A head cook or a chef earns roughly $42,350 per annum.


The chef or head cook is the sole authority of the kitchen. It is the aim of most culinary students to become a chef in a reputed institution. Though most chefs are talented enough to prepare great food, develop a menu, administer the business, they see themselves at a better position when they open their own bar or restaurant. They create their own menu for their establishment. Many chefs, who prefer to bring food to their customers, choose to open a catering company.


Cooking food is much more than just combining ingredients and letting the oven take over the rest. If you have an Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts, you will gain expertise in operating the instruments as well as techniques needed to create memorable, wonderful meals for customers in food service, bakeries, catering, and restaurants. It hardly matters whether you are in a business or in a job, if you enjoy your work, you will definitely succeed.