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Best Computer Training Degrees

Best 15 Computer Training Degrees


There are a lot of computer training courses. These courses are divided in different segments as per the different degree types. The degrees are awarded at different levels, including certificates, associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate. The student is awarded the particular degree as per the degree level they choose.


The difference in different degree levels is their time period, value, as well as the course structure. This means that each degree level has a different time period, along with a different value attached to it. For instance, certificate courses are for only some months and bachelor courses are generally for two to four years.



Like in all other areas, in computer technology too there are different degree levels. However, in this article, we have covered only the associate’s degree programs in computer technology and that too the best ones. These associate degree courses are the most in demand and the most popular ones.


So, let us have a look at the top 15 computer training associate degree programs for students who want to make their career quickly in the field of computer technology.


1. Associates Degree in Computer Applications
This program is all about computer applications. Students will get to learn A to Z of computer applications in this associate degree program. At first, the course will provide a basic understanding of the main concepts of computer applications to students. It is important that students should already have expertise in the hardware and software of computers, then only they will be able to grasp this course.


In this program, students will also learn about:
• Computer Fundamentals
• Business Management
• Website Design
• Windows Based Applications
• Database Administration
• Operating Systems


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Students have a lot of career options after completing this associate’s degree course in Computer Applications. At entry level, students can qualify as help desk operators, technical supporters (software and hardware), and IT administrative assistants. Apart from these, students can also apply for the below mentioned job positions:

• Computer Programmer
• Website Programmer
• Database Manager
• Word Processor
• Software Consultant or Sales
• Technical Supporter

The average salary for some of the job positions for Computer Application Specialists is:
• Web Developers - $64,970 per year
• Computer Programmers - $79,530 per year
• Computer Systems Analysts - $85,800 per year


2. Computer Forensics Associate's Degree
Computer forensics, or cyber forensics, is all about compiling evidence from computers in criminal cases. It includes the investigating of technology in order to find the criminal. The curriculum of this associate degree program includes:
• Intro to Computer Systems
• Security Auditing
• Corporate Security Measures
• Criminal Justice
• Cloud Security
• Digital Forensics
• Cyber Crime and Cyber law
• Malware Vulnerability
• Database


Students can work at a number of places after completing their associate degree in Computer Forensics. Some of these places include financial institutes, hospitals, law firms, government firms, etc. They can also become corporate or information security analysts in which they can receive around $90,120 per year


3. Computer Fundamentals Associate's Degree
As the name suggests, the computer fundamentals program offers students the basic knowledge about computers. It allows students to get into the world of computers, so that they can further pursue some technical course in Computer Technology, such as an associate degree in Computer Information Systems. Since, this is an online program, students do not have to attend regular classes for it like other courses. They can just do this program from anywhere, as they require only an internet connection and a computer.


Moreover, students can study this program as and when they like at their own pace. This enables students to complete their degree within the time frame they want, since they can move the program as per their preferences and schedule.


4. Associate's Degree in Computer Information Systems
The computer information systems course teaches the administration and implementation of technology. It also includes coordination and planning of several activities, such as upgrading and installation of hardware and software, systems design, and computer programming.

The curriculum of this course includes:
• Introduction to Programming
• Computer Applications
• Coding for Websites
• Database

Upon successful completion of Computer Information Systems course, students can choose any one of the following job positions for themselves, including:
• Website Programmer
• Support Specialist
• SQL Database Administrator
• SEO Marketer

The average salary for some of the job positions for Computer Information System officers is:
• Computer Programmers – $79,530 per year
• Web Developers – $64,970 per year


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5. Associate's Degree in Computer Game Programming
The Computer Game Programming Associate degree course is for students who like playing computer games and want to develop computer games. This course provides all the necessary knowledge about the production of a computer game.

The curriculum of this AA degree course in Game Development includes:
• Intro to Game Design
• C++ Programming
• Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft DirectX
• Multi-Media
• 3D Technology
• Mobile Game Technology

After completing a Computer Game Programming course, students can choose any of the following careers:
• Video Game Tester
• Computer Programmer
• Animation & Script Writer


6. Computer Science Associate's Degree Program
The Computer Science Associate's Degree Program includes software maintenance and development. Plus, it also includes creation, fixation, as well as maintenance of computer applications.

The curriculum of this course includes:
• Intro to Computer Programming
• Assembly Language
• Advanced mathematics
• Object Oriented Data
• Web Design
• Computer Certification


Upon successful completion of the Computer Science program, students can apply for the following job positions:
• Computer Programmer
• Computer Security
• Cyber Agent
• Systems Analysts
• Database Administrator
• Website Developer
• Network Administrator Help Desk Manager

The average salary for some of the job positions for Computer Science officers is:
• Web developer - $64,970 per year
• Software Developer - $100,690 per year
• Computer Systems Analyst - $85,800 per year
• Computer Programmer - $79,530 per year


7. Associate's Degree in Database Administration
This course is for students who have an interest in computer programming, information storage, and management. The Database Administration course curriculum includes:
• SQL Development
• Secure storage of data
• Database applications
• MS Access
• Network fundamentals
• Project Planning


After graduating in Database Administration, students can fill up one of these job choices:
• Database Manager
• Database Administrator
• Network Administrator
• Software Implementation Specialist

The average salary for some of the job positions for Database Administration officers is:
• Database Administrator - $81,710 per year
• Network and Computer Systems Administrators - $77,810 per year


8. Database Design Development Degree
An associate degree in Computer Database Design deals with the knowledge required to manage electronic information and database. In this program, students learn how they can store, update, and maintain electronic information for a business or organization.


Students also learn about the structure and methods of different types of databases in order to access and update information on the database. Students get to know about the functioning of databases, their administration, integration of old data into new systems, etc.

The curriculum of this program includes:
• Quantitative methods
• Database design and implementation
• Communication networks
• Strategy and management of information technology
• Database security

After completing this course in Database Design Development, students can become database administrators, who earn a median salary of $81,710 per year


9. Associate's Degree in Computer Database Technology
In this course, students learn how to securely organize and arrange the vast information collected by any company or organization. They know how to categorize this type of information, so it can be retrieved quickly as well as efficiently. The course also deals with security of such information.


In order to enroll into this course, students must have some technical knowledge in computer science and information science, in addition to good analytical skills. Upon successful completion of the Computer Database Technology program, students can become database managers within an organization.


10. Computer Hacking Associate's Degree
An associate degree course in Computer Hacking teaches students about different security systems, technological tools, and computer hacking techniques. The program is meant for those people who have an interest in hacking.


When such people obtain an associate’s degree in Computer Hacking, they reach the next level of capability and skill of computer hacking. Students taking this course can learn about the inside knowledge of network and computer security systems. Additionally, they also learn how to break into different types of security systems.


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11. Associate's Degree in Computer Information Technology
The Associate's Degree in Computer Information Technology comes with Business Systems Analysis emphasis. The program primarily teaches the fundamental knowledge, understanding, as well as specialized skills about the core areas, like systems design and analysis, computer programming, network administration and architecture, database design, web technologies, application implementation, development and maintenance, etc.

Some of the subjects in this course are:
• Information Systems Management
• Fundamentals of Computer Programming with Logic and Algorithms
• Project Planning and Implementation
• Web Design I and II
• SQL for Systems Applications and Businesses Implementation
• Telecommunications and Network Concepts
• Computer Architecture
• Database Structure and Analysis


Upon successful completion of this associate's degree course in Computer Information Technology, students can get into entry level positions in the below mentioned job areas:
• Computer Programming
• Desktop Administration
• Database Administration
• Call Center Specialist
• Desktop Computer Support

The average salary for some of the job positions under the Computer Information Technology course is:
• Computer Programmer - $79,530 per year
• Network and Computer Systems Administrator - $77,810 per year
• Database Administrator - $81,710 per year
• Computer Support Specialist - $51,470 per year


12. Associate's Degree in Java Programming
The Java Programming course teaches students about computer programming in Java. Although, the syllabus of this program can vary from one college to another, the fundamental subjects remain the same, such as:
• Computer Science I
• Computer Science II
• Assembly Language Programming
• Operating System
• Programming Languages
• Data Structures and Algorithms
• Analysis of Algorithms
• Systems Architecture
• Computer Information Technology
• Technical Writing
• Software Engineering
• Automata and Formal Languages
• Digital and Computer Analysis and Design
• Computer Engineering


Besides these, students are also prepared to handle Abstract and Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Probability, Differential Equations, and Mathematical Modeling.


13. Associate's Degree in Computer Networking
The associate degree program in Computer Programming teaches the various aspects of computer networks. It teaches students how to build secure and reliable networking structures for companies. In addition to this, students also learn about the different types of computer network security features, its functions, examination, maintenance, as well as modification, along with software development and updating, computer programming, hardware administration, coding languages, database management and technology, and other general IT functions.


After successfully completing the associate degree course in Computer Networking, students can fill up any one of the following job positions and can earn the respective average salary:
• Network and Computer Systems Administrators - $77,810 per year
• Computer Systems Analysts - $85,800 per year
• Computer Network Architects - $100,240 per year


14. Computer Network Administration Associate’s Degree
The associate degree program in Computer Network Administration is for students who are computer geniuses and have an interest in the computer networking field. In this program, students learn how to professionally transmit information and analyze and store this information. Students can also take a major in computer science, management information systems, or information science, within their coursework.

Some of the subjects in this program include:
• Statistics
• Computer Science
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Programming
• Mathematics


Upon successful completion of the associate degree course in Computer Network Administration, students can the fill up any one of the following job positions:
• System Administrator
• Database Administrator
• Computer Security Specialist
• Web Developer
• Web Administrator
• Telecommunications Specialist
• Network Architect or Engineer

The average salary for some of the job positions under the Computer Network Administration associate degree course is:
• Network and Computer Systems Administrators - $77,810 per year
• Database Administrators - $81,710 per year
• Information Security Analysts - $90,120 per year
• Web Developers - $64,970 per year
• Computer Support Specialists - $51,470 per year
• Computer Network Architects - $100,240 per year


15. Associate's Degree in Website Design
As the name suggests, an associate’s degree in Website Design teaches students how to design a website, so that users can have a convenient, useful, as well as an exciting web experience. The course includes everything related to website artistry to its coding.


In this program, students will learn about the fundamentals of design, including technical and visual web design components, graphics and art, typography, coding, administration, digital image manipulation, and networking. Some of the courses in the Website Design associate’s degree program include:
• Web Design
• Animation
• Web Programming
• Layout
• Ecommerce
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
• Logo Design
• Photography

Upon successful completion of the Website Design program, students can choose any of the following job positions:
• Website Designer
• Web Design Manager
• Web Developer
• Editor
• Consultant or Freelance Designer
• Marketing
• Webmaster
• Multimedia Producer
• Streaming Media Producer