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Everyone likes to play games, solve puzzles, and win challenging competitions, to some degree. Most people have enjoyed a video game at least once since their introduction in the ‘70s. Since their origination, video games have been steadily improving in complexity and innovation, each new game striving to be better, more creative and imaginative than the last. Video games have evolved from Pong, to the fast paced action games that network hundreds of players together that we have today. In an industry with such competition and innovation, there is always a need for creative individuals with an advanced knowledge of game design.

Gaming technology is an art as well as a science. Video Game design students learn to develop the software needed to bring their gaming ideas to life. The best and most successful games come from the most creative, innovative, and imaginative people. These people must study the trends and know how to adapt appropriately to produce a game that is going to satisfy the consumer. Game design students learn to research and think out of the box to fill customer demands.

There is also, of course, a complex technological element to understand when designing video games. Students of game design learn to understand gaming technology, gaming processes, animation techniques, story board creation, 3Dmodeling, texture mapping, and much more. Students learn how to take their creative ideas for games and take them from just an idea or story, to a finished product. The students learn the entire process from programming and development, to finalizing and testing. It is extremely rewarding to see the results of your efforts come to life in a game that is to be enjoyed by many gamers.

Game design careers are extremely fast-pasted, fun, and rewarding, so it comes as no surprise that they are competitive positions to earn. However, a game design degree will set you apart from the crowd. Gaming companies are competing each other for customers and are always seeking talented and well-educated designers and developers. While pursuing a game design degree, you will become familiar with software and hardware used by professionals, and you will build a portfolio that will impress future employers.

Even the entry-level positions in game design are fun and intriguing, including designer, 3D animator, texture artist, and many more. Graduates can seek employment with game developers, production houses, and software companies, among others. Game Developer Magazine reported average wages for game design careers in 2010.

Game design is an industry that is always moving forward and expanding. There are great opportunities for growth and advancement once you have gained experience. Game design is a very fast paced and competitive industry so, in order to be successful, it is best to get a good education to be prepared for the career ahead of you. A game design school will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to put your gamer creativity and passion to work and excel within a very exciting and growing industry.