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A furniture designer and builder may be someone that works for a furniture manufacturing company, or it may be someone that is self-employed. A furniture designer is just that, they design furniture. They use a variety of tools including saws, carving tools, lathes, sanders and jointers to create the furniture. Furniture designing is a craftsmanship that many furniture designers are high acclaimed for. Furniture designing also includes the cushions and upholstery of the furniture. Obviously in today's market, furniture is not restricted to wood, but can come in plastics, rattan, metals, bamboo, and wicker. Furniture designing is an art and not only takes talent, but takes skill. And, furniture designing does require a degree in order to get your foot in the door in most places of employment. Start your vocational training today!

In order to design furniture you must be creative. And, you must have the ability and access to work with the various tools that will be necessary for sculpting the furniture. One simple piece of furniture could take months to design and create. While the furniture designer may not have formal design training, it will be necessary to get into most places of employment. Furniture design training will include cabinet making, woodworking, and finishing carpentry.

Apprenticeships are also something that is standard with furniture design. Often times these apprenticeship programs are in the states and many times they are International training opportunities. Some furniture designers and builders will train their interns overseas to learn exotic woods and various designs in their furniture designs.

The furniture designer and builder perform many activities, some of which are:

  • Discussing ideas with clients that have ideas of what they would like created through either ideas, stenches or drawings
  • Studying and researching various styles of furniture design, working with a variety of woods, and working with other products that are necessary in the design of the furniture
  • Attending workshops, training, and seminars on various types of manufacturing and furniture design
  • Purchasing equipment, wood and other supplies and materials required
  • Fixing costs and pricing of furniture created

Taking a furniture design certificate or degree program is highly recommended. The student is taught the skill and educated on the physical and visual constructs of a specific concept. Woodworking design is also a major in which the student concentrates on the woodworking process. The student will also study metals, sculpture, ceramics, and woodworking. The course is designed to give the student all the knowledge that they will need to be successful in the industry.

If you are interested in the industry it might be wise to sign up for a college class. You can take these both online and on campus. The course will give you an introduction to the industry and allow you to decide whether you want to further educating yourself for a furniture design degree. Good luck with your education and by all means pursue! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.