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Are DBS Checks required for home-based positions



Individuals that work from home should follow the right process when it comes to DBS Checks. Not many working in home-based positions are in the know that is they are employed from home, for certain activities they might still require to undergo online DBS Checks. There is not much clarity about the activities and jobs that need HBP (home-based position) Checks. 


HBP Checks for certain jobs and activities are in addition to Enhanced DBS Checks. 


Home-based jobs: The following positions qualify as home-based. Any applicant living in the home of an individual that has been or being checked as they work with vulnerable adults or kids from their home. Any person that works with vulnerable adults or kids from their home. However, if the job entails living in the home of the person that is cared for it does not qualify as a home-based position. 


Some of the things to be aware of regarding HBP Checks are: If an Enhanced DBS Check is for a house member (other than the applicant) it means there is the opportunity to come into contact with kids at the home. A vulnerable adult or kid has to be present in the applicant’s home. 


There is no UK law at the moment that stipulated individual DBS Checks for those applicants that live in the home of the adult they need to provide care for. 

The positions given below need Enhanced DBS Checks and also qualify for HBPs:


Types of Eligible Roles

The following roles and positions require an individual to apply for an Enhanced DBS online, and are also eligible for HBPs:


Fostering, adopting and childminding 

Any position that covers supervision, guidance, teaching or providing any type of care to kids e.g. nannies. Personal, social or healthcare positions that come under regulated-activities. Those working/ living on the premises of daycare centres, schools, nurseries or children’s homes.  


For volunteers, the same rules are applicable for DBS Checks. 

Any individual or volunteer that is called up to assist the NHS during the pandemic and need an emergency DBS Check can contact us at 


Positions that involve working remotely 

HBPs are needed if an individual works with vulnerable adults or kids from their residence. However, remote working jobs e.g. teachers conducting online classes for kids remotely do not need these checks as the kids are not physically present at the location. 

On the other hand, e.g. a mental health counsellor is eligible for Enhanced DBS Checks is their clients visit their home for treatment. If this individual works remotely to counsel, they still require a DBS Check. 


Since there is not much clarity about DBS Checks for self-employed applicants if you need any help, please feel free to contact us at our customer care number: 0333 030 0446. 


Doing a DBS Check online

Despite the new guidelines Enhanced DBS Checks have not expanded in scope, rather there are other additional positions to apply for HBPs (home-based checks) in addition to Enhanced DBS Checks. 


Any individual that applies for an Enhanced DBS Check can subscribe to the DBS Update Service regarding any new updates that may be added. The service does not look for home address information or about anyone else living or working at the address. 


Our HBP service is also for those employers that need multiple DBS Checks (Basic, Standard and Enhanced). As with regular DBS Checks applications those employers that HBPs Checks in bulk for home-based jobs can follow the same process.   


If you have any doubts or queries related to anything that is DBS or HBPs Checks related do not hesitate to contact We offer a hassle, efficient and cost-effective service with prompt results.