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When asked about if she would choose Brighton if she had it to do over again, Claire Hull responded with: “What a wonderful question !! I’m very sorry! I thought I made myself clear last night, but perhaps I left some doubt!

I took VM course yes! Of course I did! There was nothing else at the time. When I was finished with that course, five years later, I helped establish the course that Duke LNC program now has and I also help establish the LNC program for UNC. I also went to university of Florida and started their forensic program with them! SO…these programs were all just starting.

Which program would I choose if I had to pick.
Well, that’s easy. (Brighton pays me nothing to speak well of them. In regard to full disclosure. Also, it’s important you know that I am not a paid instructor at Brighton College as Dr. Wheeler is).
So, I feel I can answer your question without a conflict of interest.
I would hands down choose the program at Brighton College which is why I CHOSE the school affiliation.
I am in business for myself and my name means everything. As does my Integrity. I really can’t put my name on just any school or any product.

I’ve always been choosey.
I promise you none of the information you learn here at the school will be wasted! You will know more than most know! When you leave school, you will know what an affidavit is! I didn’t know that WORD after taking VM course! My regard for Dr. Wheeler is high. I don’t believe I have ever met a more compassionate intelligent man. He is wonderful!
I would follow him and know he makes great decisions. He is so supportive of nurses! HE has done the job you are about to take on! Now, how many programs do you think offer that?

You are on a wonderful path! Nothing you learn a waste! It was never my intent to discourage you from the program you are currently in! I would encourage you to see the benefits that may be well hidden!

Recognize that other schools, Universities, Colleges, Programs do not take an interest in connecting you with the “outside world” and what you are about to enter! Legal Nurses are very autonomous! We go into business for ourselves. Most of us do not go in-house to do our work. When you leave school, they are trying to prepare you to be a business owner! You are starting a new career! You will fall back on everything they teach you. There may come a time when you feel badly for those who finish a program in seven days! Especially when you see how much there is to learn!

Consequently, the nurses that come from those programs often feel lost! Ask them! I will bet they tell you that honestly!
Brighton College has done something I’ve never seen a college do. Without Brighton extending that hand You would never have the benefits you have now. There would be no knowledge of JERKLNC web site, No Dr. Wheeler, No AALNC, No extra certification, No newsletter connection, NO Business consultant connection, No Networking….NONE OF THAT is available in the other programs! YOU will never hear VM speak of the JERKLNC. NOR will you hear her speak of the AALNC!! NOR will you hear her speak of Legal Eagle EYE news!
BUT your college has broken down those walls! Your college took a wrecking ball to those walls and knocked them down allowing you full disclosure to all of the wonderful things available to learn.

Personally I am really proud of it! I’m excited for every student in this program! I feel you are about to learn more than most programs take the time to teach! And all because someone cares.”

Man. Talk about high praise!! I don’t even have anything to follow that up with. Claire’s words say it all.


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