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6 World Languages That Really Pays-Off to Know



Due to globalization, more and more people from different sides of the world have to work together and communicate. Because of this, knowledge of a foreign language is a significant asset. But with more than 6,000 of them, which one should you pick?


Let’s be honest; some languages are more useful than others. If you’re being practical and want to learn a new language so you can have bigger opportunities in the business sphere, you should be aware of several factors. Before you make your decision, take into consideration the number of speakers, geographical region, usability, and versatility. These are six languages that will give a certain professional advantage to those who know them.


The most influential language in the world at the moment is English. With 375 million as native speakers and as much as 1.5 billion who use it to some extent, we can say with total certainty that it’s the most popular language on the entire globe. The English language owes its popularity to the technological boom we have been experiencing in the last several decades. 


As a mother tongue of the internet and computers, two things without which our modern lives are unimaginable, this kind of prominent status was bound to happen. So, if you’re working in this sphere, you will most definitely need it. Also, with the USA, Great Britain, and Canada on the list of top 10 world economies, the professional benefits of knowing English is more than evident.



With a presence in more than 20 countries, mostly on the territory of South and Central America, and around 330 million native speakers, Spanish is definitely one of the most widespread languages in the world. This alone is a good reason to start with the lessons.


This language is particularly important for those who are trying to add something to their resume that will make them stand out. If you come in contact with a lot of people from Latin American countries in your job, being able to communicate and understand them will make things easier for both of you. As the old saying goes – the money makes the world go ‘round. The USA has major trading deals with South American countries, and your knowledge can help you land the job you always wanted. Also, it will expand your view of the world and enrich you as a person.



Given the booming nature of the South East Asian market in the last years, more and more people are moving to Thailand. Due to this, as well as the beauty of the country itself, many 20 and 30-something-year-olds are choosing to settle there and work. Picking up on the Thai language will make things run more smoothly. It will create more business opportunities for you and allow you to get to know the natives and experience its culture more profoundly.



Germany is a leading European economy, so it comes as no surprise that its language is spoken throughout the Old Continent. Speaking German will open a lot of doors when it comes to business in Europe. Some of the most prosperous companies, such as BMW, Bosch, and Siemens, are famous for their high-quality products worldwide. They are active in the international market and need partners all over the globe. You will have a greater chance of landing a job with any of them if you speak German.



The 982 million people speak Chinese Mandarin at the native level. What makes this language important is the growing economy of the country and the predictions that it would be a leader on the global scene by the year 2050. With this in mind, starting your lessons and/or getting your children involved as well will prove to be beneficial in the upcoming years. Let’s not forget; China is a country with a very long and rich history and tradition. By picking up the language, you will be able to immerse yourself in its enormous cultural heritage.


From Morocco to Yemen, Arabic is used in 25 countries in everyday communication. The demand for people who fluently speak this language is quite high in the West, but most people don’t even consider it as an option. It can be an important asset in your resume, giving you the opportunity to use it in many different professions, from journalism and banking to intelligence service.


Picking up a new language is always a good idea. Something like this will help you in both your professional and personal growth. Any of these six languages will be a strong asset when you apply for a job and can bring amazing opportunities in the future.