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6 Great Careers for Those Who Want to Work From Home

For many, the path through life is pretty similar. You start your education, finish graduating high school, head off to higher education, and finally start your first job. The job search can be a bit nerve-wracking, sitting in front of seemingly important people who ask you plenty of questions about your life, education, and future.


Once you walk through the office on the first day, things start to go a bit smoother. You eventually find your groove and before you know it, you’ve been promoted to VP of Sales. But what if your first day in the office isn’t in the office? What if your first day is in your living room, at the local Starbucks, or even in the library?



Below, we’re going to run through some of the best jobs out there for people who are looking to work from home. You’ll find that there are a wide range of jobs out there and plenty of companies that are hiring.


Writing and Editing

Even though printed newspapers and magazines are on the decline, there are still plenty of writing jobs out there. Peak around any job board and you’ll find plenty of copywriting, technical writing, and SEO writing jobs out there for a large number of companies.


Many writers and editors strike it out on the freelance side, working for a number of places all at once. Freelancing comes with plenty of advantages and disadvantages but it’s a way that plenty of people make a solid living. Exclusively editing jobs are a bit harder to come by at first, as many often require years of prior experience and specialization in a certain field, like medical journals, in order to qualify.


Writing jobs aren’t a walk in the park either, as many firms and companies ask for portfolios before along with a resume. As a fresh graduate, you might not have the biggest portfolio out there, but having something published is better than nothing. You might have to start writing for free before you find your first job.
In terms of education, you should study English, marketing, digital marketing, creative writing, or a similar field.


Social Media Managers

If you’re under the age of 35, chances are you have a social media account. Heck, you probably even have multiple social media accounts and are racking up the likes as we speak.


This certain job title wasn’t something that existed a decade ago but now most businesses are realizing the importance of putting someone to be in charge of their social media pages. Social media can drive up engagement amongst customers, help improve a company’s page rankings on the internet, and offers plenty of marketing opportunities.As a social media manager, not only will you be in charge of the accounts but you’ll also help in managing a company’s brand, providing customer feedback, and basic customer service.

Many social media managers study communication, journalism, marketing, public relations or business.



Bringing in a little bit of the jobs mentioned above, marketing (especially digital marketing) is a hot job in the remote field. As a marketing professional, you’ll help a website control its brand, improve SEO rankings, drive traffic, examine customer analytics, plan ad campaigns, and much more.


Your exact role is likely to vary from company to company. Some may have you helping design those campaigns while others may have you determining the best domain name for the brand. Marketing jobs are in high demand as more and more companies and small businesses alike compete for the top spots on search engines and people’s attention.Obviously, a degree in marketing is best but many marketers come from various areas. There are plenty of online courses to help give you an introduction into the marketing world.



You’ve been a passenger on the educational train for the last 20 years, why not be the conductor? While there are thousands of educational and teaching jobs that need teachers in the classroom, there are also plenty of teaching jobs that are looking for remote workers.


You’ll find plenty of English teaching jobs on the internet, often teaching children throughout Asia, as well as other teaching jobs. There are tutoring jobs, SAT and ACT prep jobs, and even some collges offer remote teaching opportunities.

For many of these jobs, a college degree in any subject is required while a master’s or doctorate for higher educational jobs is preferred.


Customer Service

Your previous image of customer service may have been an endless line of people in cubicles, rapidly answering phone calls or better yet, purposefully putting you on hold.


Plenty of companies offer remote positions for customer service that don’t rely on those endless line of people. If you’ve ever come across a push notification on a website with something that says “Welcome to X website, how may I help you?” that person is likely working remote.Plenty of e-commerce websites and stores use remote customer service workers and these people can end up becoming a bigger part of the team over time.


Those with a background in retail, marketing, public relations, or communication are best suited for this position.



This is a term that can cover many different aspects of an IT-related field. You could be a web developer, app developer, software developer, and so on. As with social media, many companies are developing their own apps or looking to optimize their website for better results.


You’ll need to have the proper software and experience before many companies will take a look at you. Having a profile doesn’t hurt and while it may not be as clear and easy as a writing profile, you should still have some samples of your work or examples of projects you have worked on in the past. You’ll obviously need a degree in an IT-related field, such as computer science, programming, or even mathematics.