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The 6 Best MBA Essay Writing Services 2021: Reviews From Professional Writers



MBA essay writing services have always been popular as students have been utilizing these services for their ease. There are many reliable service providers in the market. Let’s review some of those concerning the reliability and quality of their services.


Essay-Box is a Florida-based academic writing service provider, known for its authentic and quick service. The company has a good market repute for providing quality work. They are providing services like writing, proofreading, editing, etc.


It is recommended to choose if you’re willing to pay higher rates. They charge a reasonable amount for every assignment which some students find a little too high.


Hiring Process

Getting in touch with them is a very smooth and simple process. Their customer support is one of the main reasons for them being legit writing service providers as many people find their writing quality average.


Their order form contains information like assignment type, grade, and also has discount offers sections. Fill out that form and your order will be placed. The process is not very hard and can be completed within minutes.



They are offering academic writing services for all grades. They can create your assignment from scratch, revise your draft for you or proofread your word for improvements.


Other than that, you get unlimited revisions for free; plagiarism reports and other paid add-ons as well. All the details are listed on the Order form.



Then you have to select the package. They offer two packages; one is standard, in which your assignment is handed over to a standard level writer. Another one is premium, where you get a top-rated writer exclusively from the relevant field of the subject. For premium, they ask to pay a little more.


This package system is unreasonable to some customers as the premium services are the basic requirements of academic writing. Secondly, premium service becomes extremely expensive, especially for lengthy assignments and it’s very hard for students to afford that.



This company is known for its ‘focus on every detail’ service. For that reason, they are being called market leaders in providing academic writing services. They have been in the market for more than a decade now and have a huge number of happy clients as well.


Hiring Process

Their website has a calculator on the first page where you enter your details and get a quote. Other than that, they have a long list of FAQs, answered in detail. You will get most of your queries resolved without contacting them.


What made their service even more easy and reliable is their mobile application, available for both; Android and iOS. It makes the communication and dealing very handy and smooth. Their strategy is minimizing the contact by providing everything on the web and app beforehand.


Maybe due to this reason, their customer support is unreliable as they take too long to respond.


Order Form and Pricing

Their order form is the next step to the calculator. First, you provide the details about your order, and then you’re directed to confirmation and order summary. On that page, you will see a list of extra services that you can choose for additional charges. These services, such as adding a table of content, summary, etc. can raise your budget too high. You can also get VIP customer support by paying some extra bucks and have your assignments made by experienced writers by paying a little higher rates.



They are providing academic writing services for all degrees and grades. They offer only 3 free revisions, most of the time the required results are achieved within this limit.


PaperHelp gives a lot of compensations and discount offers to their regular clients.



Essaypro has a strong social media impact through its back-to-back running marketing campaigns. The company has succeeded in getting the most positive reviews about their service and quality work.


Hiring Process

Their hiring process is simple. Go to their website and you will see three options; writing, rewriting, editing. Choose which service you want and fill out the form. Although their application process is smooth and quick, their customer service has a big issue. There were complaints about not getting notified if the order was canceled by the writer or due to any reason.



Their prices are quite reasonable and affordable for students. They may ask for advance payments as well. Their payment methods and currency conversion are difficult to understand though. The only medium to pay in diverse currencies is through PayPal.


The payment process could delay the order placement process as they ask for advance payment and you get to know about the limited payment medium at checkout.



Their business model is different from competitors in terms of getting direct access to writers. They don’t ask for extra money for top-rated writers. You can read reviews about writers and hire them if you want. Getting access to the writer’s profile where you can view the reviews and their customized bids.


One drawback in their service is that they allow students to be a part of their writer’s team. They can easily lie about their qualification and lower down the quality of papers and essays.


They have listed many paid features for free on their website. Such as, you can get formatting, plagiarism report, top writer, unlimited revisions without paying extra money. So they are suitable service providers for people on a budget.



Grademiners has been in business for more than 4 years. In this time, they have managed to build an acceptable repute for assignment help.


Order Form and Pricing

Their prices are very affordable. They have a detailed list of prices based on days of delivery. You have to choose the deadline and pay less or more accordingly.


They have a one-step order process which is very convenient. On their Order form, you will get the top-writer and SMS alert feature checked by default. You need to uncheck those if you don’t want these services otherwise they will be calculated in your final quote automatically.


They also offer other features like extra fast delivery, initial draft to check if the writer has understood the requirements, quality assurance check, paper summary, and plagiarism report. Some of these services are for very reasonable prices and worth spending money for, such as initial drafts for big and important assignments, especially if you’re short on deadline.



Their services are quite reliable regarding the deadline, quality, and pricing. You will get good quality work fulfilling the value of money. Although their prices are not too high, they will charge you too much for extra services such as summary page, title page, bibliography, and plagiarism report, etc. The SMS alert feature is good for those who don’t have a stable internet connection and don’t want to miss out on important notifications.


Their customer support is very fast and reliable. They reply to your queries within minutes and their website has a detailed breakdown of every service, pricing, and scheduling.


They also have a loyalty program which gives you 50$ if the person you referred to places and pays for their order. The other person also gets 15% off on their first order. This is also a good initiative to facilitate customers while marketing your business.



EssayFactory is a UK-based writing and editing service provider. They mainly focus on UK-based customers.


Pricing and Order Form

Their pricing is in line with other service providers. They also offer so many features for free that make their service quite affordable. Those free services include plagiarism checking, formatting, title and bibliography pages, etc. All the competitors are charging so much extra for these compulsory services while you can get these for free with Essayfactory.


The order process is also simple. In total, that is a 3 step form to order confirmation, where you put all information in detail so there is no confusion for you or the writer is left.



Their focus is on the UK market more. For that, they claim to have UK writers on board, who are native-English speakers which is an appealing factor. But according to some client’s feedback, this claim is not 100% trustworthy. The quality of writing provided by their writers raises questions about the authenticity of their services.



1Essay is in the market for over 8 years now. They are famous for delivering the best quality. All of their writers are highly qualified. Their business structure is different from competitors as they always assign the assignments to the writers from the relevant field and don’t charge extra for this.


Pricing and Order Form

Their prices are in line with competitors. The prices increase with regard to academic level.


Their order process is easier among all. You can also select a writer of your choice and for technical and complex assignments; you can choose top-rated writers for a higher budget.     



Why do students hate writing papers?

One cannot see students enjoying writing their papers. The most understandable reason is too much workload on them during a semester. They have tests, assignments, term papers, exams, and lectures. So it is humanly to feel overwhelmed by the burden of doing so much within tight deadlines. That is why they avoid writing papers and opt for external help.


This is not the only reason though. Let’s discuss the major reasons that make them outsource their work:


Poor English:

Since English is a globally spoken language, most of the universities offer their Post-graduate programs in this language. But for the people who speak English as a second language can have a poor grip on grammar and tenses. That makes it hard to understand the requirements and write a good paper to score better grades. Even for native English speakers, grammar could be hard. And the foreigners are very likely to fail in the course if they had to write it by themselves. So they utilize online writing services and make their work easier.


Lack of confidence:

Some people are just not creative. They cannot create and write ideas or make good sentences. That makes them worry about writing a good essay while keeping up with all other assignments. They don’t have confidence in their writing skills and they have a proven record of thinking so. That is why they seek help from external experts to help them get through this.


Lack of understanding:

Due to having multiple courses enrolled, some students are not able to take classes or pay attention during lectures. They don’t have a firm grip on the subject and when they’re given a topic for essay writing, they don’t even understand the statement. They have no idea what is being asked and from where they can collect material on the subject. This lack of knowledge and understandability forces them to take professional writing services.


Understanding the subject:

The major reason why students outsource their academic work is the burden of assignments and they don’t get resources or support from their tutors.


This reason is justified in a way that tutors are busy individuals and cannot sir with every student and make them understand the course work. In this case, seeking external help is completely understandable.


Secondly, most essay writing service providers only give reference content on the subject. It helps the student understand the topic and make edits according to their tutor’s requirements. Getting external guidance is not illegal and should be counted as coaching.


Country’s law & university’s policy:

Some countries and institutes allow outsourcing academic work. Such as in the UK and the USA, essay writing services are completely legal. So the university’s policies also play a vital role in answering this query.


If the universities abide their students to write their assignments completely by themselves, then taking external help could be an issue. Still, if you don’t understand the subject and need help, you can pay someone to help you if your tutor is not available.


For non-native English speakers:

Additionally, if you're a non-native speaker, getting your work proofread for grammatical and spelling errors and edited accordingly is also justified. For foreign students, it is hard to maintain the quality of their essays as they don’t have English as their first language. This could lower their grade which is unacceptable for some so they take services like editing or proofreading.


Is it safe to buy MBA essays online? Is it a crime?

This depends upon the service provider you’re choosing. The safety in terms of service being legit and being scammed or blackmailed is different. In both cases, the company has a major role to play.


No, taking external help if you struggle with something is not a crime in any law. You cannot be charged for taking guidance in your academic work.


But at the same time, you also have to regard the boundaries set by your university’s policies otherwise you might have to face unwanted consequences.


Safety concerns: 

Some students have reported issues that their confidential information was misused by the companies or writers. Some writers also blackmailed students to report to their universities and took more money than the agreement.


These black sheep have raised questions about the safety and authenticity of these service providers. It is advised to choose authorized companies for these services to avoid these situations.



Many companies lie about their writer’s qualifications and experience. They allocate the assignments to students and they fail to provide expected quality.

Other than this, you might get plagiarized or copied work which is strictly prohibited in universities. The writers or companies block the clients after taking money from them and don’t even provide the work or send low-quality reports.

It is advised to cross-check your assignments for plagiarism and errors before submitting them to your teachers.


Reselling your essays:

Some companies resell old essays and reports after some time which is unethical. Always choose the companies who give you complete ownership of the work after you pay. Otherwise, in the long run, you might get in some trouble.

In some countries, reselling is also legal. Even in that case, take the authority in your hand instead of allowing the company to resell your essays.


What to look for in a writing service provider?

It is very necessary to do a complete background check before choosing a service provider. Academic writing services are becoming more and more reachable and affordable, but is every company worth your money, time, and trust? No. There have been incidents like being scammed or blackmailed by the writers, low-quality services for extremely high prices, and lying about their writer’s portfolio.  So while spending your money and risking your grade, you need to ensure that the service providers are authentic.


While choosing a company for an academic writing service, here are the compulsory considerations:



Make sure they have a good reputation for providing quality work. All the time, effort, and money will go wasted if the quality of work is not up to the mark.


Adherence to deadlines:

Meeting deadlines is a very important factor as many students outsource their work due to a shortage of time. Read authentic reviews for different sites other than their own testimonials to know what their customer has to say about them.


Plagiarism-free work:

Plagiarism could result in straight F grades in many universities. Always go for companies that provide plagiarism reports with the assignment. And never rely on their claims of plagiarism-free work. Always double-check from your end as well.


Customer support:

Having a smooth customer care service is also a very important consideration. You will need to contact support multiple times for inquiries of your order, reports, issues, feedback, refund, etc. Also, check for their notification system in case of cancellation of the order or any update about the order. Always opt for customers with good customer support as it will save you so much time.


What are the pros and cons of buying MBA essays online?

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Academic writing services are no different. Although the pros overweigh their cons, it is important to know about every possible impact. Below are the pros and cons of buying an essay or any academic service online:



·         Buying essays is stress relieving, especially if you already have 3 other assignments and an exam to complete. Outsourcing some help will help you focus on one thing at one time without missing out on deadlines.

·         You will get guidance on the subject which will help you get better command over it. It will also help you score a better grade.

·         You will get some extra time to relax or take a break for some time. Sometimes students get exhausted due to constant work pressure and don’t get time to relax. Outsourcing will help you take out some days for yourself.

·         Finding reliable academic services will allow you to get a part-time job to support yourself. You will be able to handle your expenses with a part-time job without compromising on your assignments.

·         Your essays will be written by qualified and experienced professionals so there will be no chances of scoring an F. You will get good quality, adherence to deadlines, and unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied.

·         Reputed companies have a very strict privacy policy so there is no need to worry about the confidentiality of your work and information.



·         You might get scammed by non-professional writers.

·         This service might be illegal in your country or against the university’s policies.

·         You will lose learning opportunities. That is what assignments are actually for.

·         You might end up getting low-quality work that will cost you money as well as time.

·     There have been incidents of being blackmailed by writers as they have your personal information. This can be eliminated by opting for reliable service providers.



How they work:

There are plenty of websites that are offering these bots to write your papers. You need to pay for their services. Operating them is also not difficult. For a general bot, you will have to enter the topic, the number of words, and other requirements if there are any.


Are they reliable?

Well, these automatically-generated papers might not get you an A+. But these are pretty reliable to pass the paper at least.


Concerning releasing the burden and saving time, they are a considerable option. They also claim to provide plagiarism-free content so that is also a very reliable point.


Quality analysis:

These tools will not provide high-quality content as they are not that much efficient. The algorithm uses the ‘spin the article’ technique to remove plagiarism and rephrases the essay. That means these tools only replace some words with synonyms, whether or not they fix the context. The sentence structure is also not of reliable quality.


Why choose them?

These automatic tools are real-time savers. You will get your work done in hours instead of weeks. That is why people are using these tools and these are becoming more popular.


These are not bad options to get the first draft. You can make changes to it by yourself and improve the quality a little bit.