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Five Was to Take a Break in College Without Dropping Out



There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to take a break from college. Classes can be demanding! Although you may dream of dropping out, that can cause problems of its own. Re-enrolling later can be nearly impossible and college gets more expensive over time.


If you’re determined to stay in college until you get your degree, but you’re desperately ready for a break, check out these five ideas. They will help you get the break you need without dropping out or taking a semester off.


Travel on Spring Break

Attending college comes with some built-in breaks. Take advantage of them! Spring break is an especially great opportunity to get away so you return to campus feeling rested and renewed.


Spring break can mean jet setting to a beach, but it doesn’t have to. What matters is that you take time to relax. You could try camping in a national park, staying a few days in a local bed and breakfast, or spend your evenings going to concerts and shows. You could even do a staycation where you do things you wish you had more time for while you’re attending classes, like painting or trying out that new restaurant around the corner.


Just make sure you do it safely by knowing how to avoid common injuries and dangers that can befall college students while you’re partying on vacation.


Study Abroad

If you’re looking for a chance to get away, who says you can’t do it while you’re in college! Consider studying abroad for a semester or an entire year.

Studying abroad comes with many benefits that include:

  • Expanding your worldview

  • Developing foreign language skills

  • Building an international resume

In addition, it can make you feel like you’re taking a break from your studies without actually taking a break. Although you’ll still have to study, take tests, and write papers, you’ll meet new friends, try new foods, and have new experiences in between, which can make you return to your home university feeling refreshed and ready to get to work.


Move Off Campus

Sometimes it isn’t about all the classes, tests, and papers that make you feel burnt out. It could simply be that you’re stuck in the college environment by living on campus. Every minute of the day and night you’re surrounded by students with open books who are typing away on computers.


It could also be the case that you aren’t really into the college lifestyle when you aren’t studying and going to class. If partying isn’t really your thing, or you just can’t seem to find anything in common with the other people living in your dorm, moving off campus could be just what you need.


Get an apartment by yourself, split rent with a few friends, or consider moving back home if you feel like you could use a little bit of a break. By living outside of school, you may feel like you’re actually getting a break when you close your text book.


Take Fewer Classes

Not taking any classes at all may sound like a dream, but it will push back your graduation date, if you manage to graduate at all. If your workload is really what’s causing you to daydream about leaving college, consider taking fewer classes instead of leaving altogether.


There’s a lot to consider when choosing classes. If you’re choosing more difficult classes, if you feel burnt out after having chosen so many classes last semester, or if you took classes over the summer, try taking a few less classes this next semester. Even if it means you go down to part-time or it takes you longer to graduate, it’s better that dropping out altogether.


Create a Study Schedule

Creating a study schedule sounds like more work, but it can actually help you take breaks. Instead of cramming all day, every day for a few days leading up to every test, a study schedule can help you spread out when you study so you can take plenty of breaks in between.


A schedule can also make sure you aren’t stuck writing a paper all night long. Plan to start every paper a week ahead of time and complete it two days before it’s due so you have plenty of time to edit and relax!


Don’t assume that dropping out is your only option if you’re feeling tired and burnt out in college. There are many creative ways you can take breaks without giving up your studies.