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5 Tips For Students Who Want to Run Their Own Business



In most countries in the world, entrepreneurship drives the economy. As a student with fewer responsibilities other than studying, starting a business can be a great idea. If there’s a market demanding for the services or goods you sell, then age shouldn’t be a barrier for you. Everyone has the potential to be a successful small business owner. Here are some tips to guide you. 


1. Identify a Market, Do Your Research

When you're trying to build your own business, you must consider many things to identify a market or niche for your product or service. One of the essential steps is recognizing a need and creating a solution. You should keep your eyes out for those opportunities and think of a way you can solve them.

There’s no need for an expensive market analysis to conduct your research. Simply look around you, observe and ask around. For example, if your dorm mates have to drive miles to get a haircut, you can offer them one at a reduced price. However, not every business idea is created equally. Take some time to consider what your skills and talents lie to determine what kind of business model would work best for you. 


2. Start With Low Cost

It's no secret that the cost of starting up a new business can range anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to over one million, depending on which industry you're in.


Most successful businesses today started small, mostly from their backyard or even basement. What this means is that, to be successful, you don’t need to start with millions. Simply look around you for resources you can get hold of and start with that—no need to drown in loans when there’s no revenue coming in. 


3. Register Your Business


Okay, your business is growing, and you’re starting to get lots of orders. People are noticing you and your dorm room is no longer enough to package and ship your product. Now it’s time to expand and register your business with the current state you’re in to avoid legal issues.


It’s okay if you’re completely clueless on how to go about this. There are registered agents that can help you. Just remember that laws differ per state, so it’s important that you get an agent in every state you plan to conduct business in. For example, if you have your business registered in Arizona already but you want to expand to the neighboring state of New Mexico, you still have to get a registered agent in New Mexico even if you already have an agent in Arizona. You have to abide by the laws of the state where your business is in.


4. Manage Your Finances Effectively


Knowing your actual expenses and income is significant to your success since it will help you determine how much of your costs you can dedicate to your business operations. 


Keeping tabs on your finances would also help you understand how much you’re spending to run your business and your actual profit. If your bookkeeping and accounting are a mess, chances are you’ll be incurring loss or overspending without knowing. 


5. Learn How to Connect With People and Sell

Building a community and connecting with people is one of the best ways to get your business going, especially if you’re in an industry that has to do with coaching or marketing. If you're serious about starting a digital marketing or coaching business, you have to know how to market and promote yourself and your story. 



There are hundreds of ways to create an income and run a business as a student. Most successful entrepreneurs today started in their early days. You might not jam success immediately, but at least you’ll be laying the foundation for even greater success in the future.