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5 Tips for Balancing Job and Study at University Level



Working for a job and studying at the same time can be challenging, and it often tires you out daily. It is a necessity for most people because they want to make ends meet and need money for their fees. In comparison, some students start their jobs early to gain more work experience to get a good job when they graduate.


Here are some tips that can help you master the art of balancing work with your studies.

Figure Out if you are running out of Money:

Calculate your living expenses, college fees, rent, and other costs to determine if you need a part-time job. Pay attention to how much allowance you get and how much you spend. It might help you evaluate your needs, and it may be less than what you think.


You can look for an online job. It commands less commitment, and you can manage it more easily with your studies. As an alternative option, you can look for an online degree to help you balance work more efficiently.

Do Not Overwork Yourself:

The duration of your part-time job depends upon how much free time you have on your hands. It also depends upon your capability to work. Some universities limit the working hours of students to 10 hours per week. Do not take on things that you cannot handle.


Avoid making any work commitments that you will not be able to fulfill. Volunteering yourself for more work can negatively affect your studies. Do not forget to take a break on the weekends from all the life duties to freshen up your brain for the next week.

Be Cautious of Your Exam Deadlines:

Besides your job, prepare for your studies side by side so that you are not faced with a surprise deadline. Be sure to know all the important dates of your academic, including exam, assignment, and presentation deadlines. 


You can talk with your employer about the exam dates in advance. This way, you can take time off or swap shifts with someone else during that time. 

Be Productive with Your Time:

When you balance both work and studies, it automatically forces you to use your time more productively. This way, you will try to get more things done within a short period. 


When you know that you have three hours to study a day, you will focus on only your books without distracting yourself. If you cannot learn properly while making your ends meet, you can go for an online degree and listen to your lectures while you are at work. You can look for a list of affordable online MBA programs.

Avoid Missing Any Lecture or Tutorials:

Students sometimes miss a class so that they can make some extra cash. You might be managing your study when you are at work by looking at the online slides that your professor shared. But it can isolate you from the course and classmates.


It is also essential to take classes to get on the teachers' good side to get a decent grade. When you attend classes, you will be able to learn many things on the spot.