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5 Key Reasons Why You Should Go to College



When you’re in high school, or perhaps even before that, you’ll probably want to think about when and if you should go to college. Some individuals don’t want to go. You might not care for school very much, and you don’t like the idea of continuing your education voluntarily.

The reality is, though, that college is something that you should seriously consider. It can help you in several ways, so let’s look at some of them right now.

You Can Learn About a Chosen Field

Throughout your young life, you’ll go to school, and while you’re there, you’ll learn about all kinds of different things. You’re probably going to learn math, science, history, and other subjects.

You’ll likely enjoy some of those classes, while you won’t care for others. When you go to college, you can tailor your curriculum for the first time. That’s because you can choose a major, and you can learn about the subjects that most interest you while staying away from those you detest.

You might take physics classes where you learn that motorcycle helmets reduce traumatic brain injury risks by 67%, or you may take poetry classes to learn about William Blake and Emily Dickinson. For the first time, you’re in control.

You Meet People from Many Different Backgrounds

You also might grow up in a place where you surround yourself with people who look like you. They might all have the same beliefs and more or less the same viewpoints.

When you head to college, you’re more likely to get a grab bag of young people from different regions and cultures. You might meet individuals that are of different religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc.

The more diverse people you are around, the better it is for you. You’ll soon learn that it doesn’t so much matter whether someone looks differently than you or not. You can often find similarities, even when someone comes from a distinctly different background than your own.

You Make It More Likely That You’ll Get a High-Paying Job

Many studies also show that if you go to college, you can get yourself a higher-paying job. If you don’t bother getting a college education, and you try to enter the job market with only a high school diploma, that is going to limit your prospects severely.

It’s true that you can go to a trade school and get yourself a better-paying job that way, or you might be able to enter certain fields with just a high school diploma if you play your cards right. In general, though, if you get at least a BS or a BA, you will have more options open to you when you’re ready to begin your career.

You Might Find that Special Someone

If you attend college, you also get a chance to mingle with other young people. Maybe you dated during high school, but you never found that special someone. Alternatively, perhaps you were shy, and you didn’t know how to approach people in whom you had a romantic interest.

When you go to college, you can definitely reinvent yourself if you like. It’s a great place to go to parties and try on a new persona.

You might abandon the parts of yourself from your younger days that you don’t like and become someone new. Just because the old you was shy, that doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. Many times, people meet their significant other or spouse-to-be in college.

You Can Make Friends that Last a Lifetime

You also can meet people during these critical years that challenge you intellectually. You might meet some kindred spirits with whom you can’t imagine not sharing your life in the years to come.

You can make a close-knit friend group in college that can last you the rest of your life. You might bond over your appreciation of the same movies or books. Maybe you all love getting together and shooting pool or watching the same sports on TV.

You might even pledge a sorority or a fraternity. Greek organizations give you a place to belong, and they can help you out long after you graduate.

College is the place where you can shape yourself into the person you want to be. You can find a way to get along without it, but many young people find it beneficial. More times than not, you’ll appreciate it in a way you never did your earlier educational experiences.