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5 Best Reddit Communities for College Students


The college years are fun, yet some of the most stressful years in life. What should be fun – or at least enlightening – for many students becomes something that they have to fight. At least there are many places the struggling student can turn to for help. Reddit is an excellent resource for anyone, especially college students. Anyone who needs anything can find it on Reddit, that includes people looking for help with their studies.


Not only can Reddit give you the answers to the toughest questions – including personal questions and problems you are going through – but you’ll have access to great communities that can help you take your studies to the next level. Here are the top 5 best subreddits for college students who are looking for help with their studies. Check out an online paper service for help.


Let’s start out with the obvious one. The r/college subreddit is dedicated to discussing anything at all related to attending college. Here you can discuss everything from the moral struggles of studying (what constitutes cheating, for example) to discuss your potential future career. College becomes a life test for many people. They come face to face with who they really are and what they really want. It can seem like you are alone in that struggle, but you aren’t. 


Thanks to communities like this, you’ll be able to connect with people who are going through the same thing as you. You’ll have people to share your thoughts and worries with and come to a solution with their help. Everything is anonymous on Reddit too so don’t worry. Just be honest about your problems and you’ll be sure to find someone who has the advice you need to hear. 


The TodayILearned subreddit (also called TIL) has an amazing community looking at an amazing concept. The idea behind it is basically that members of the community share something that they’ve only just learned – hence the name “today I learned”. It’s a great way to learn something new you didn’t know before and, who knows, maybe you’ll learn something related to your current studies. 


Another reason that the subreddit is so awesome is the idea that people are better able to learn and process information when they share it with others. Teaching someone something can help us to learn more about it ourselves. This is your chance to test your own understanding of the material by seeing if you can explain it to other people who don’t have your prior knowledge. There’s also a ton of interesting debate and discussion happening in the comments. Just be sure to stick to the rules of the community and ensure you don’t post (or believe in) hoaxes. 


When you were younger you had your siblings or parents on hand to help with homework. That’s not exactly the case with college. Or is it? Well, the r/HomeworkHelp subreddit can be that virtual big sister or brother who can help with homework when you need it most. 


You can’t find someone to do your essay for you and you won’t be able to get last minute help, but you can get help with assignments that are troubling you. That said, there are several subreddits where you can get someone to help you with an essay (or write it for you). There are quite a few essay writing service subreddits where you can get help with your essay.

 r/HomeworkHelp is also a place where you can provide other people with help with their homework if you feel up to it. Helping others will help you with your own education while also being something rewarding you can do for others. 


Another obvious choice for anyone in the education system is the education subreddit. This is the place to be to give your gray matter a workout. In this community you can get involved with discussions on all manner of topics and maybe start a few debates of your own. 


Give yourself a fresh perspective on an existing idea or enjoy the strange and wonderful ideas of others. Leave questions for others on topics that are getting to you, such as books you need and tips on your college (or which college you should pick). This is a fantastic community to talk and be heard by your fellow students. 


Explain like I’m five” is a bit of a mouthful but the concept is simple enough to understand. Someone posts a difficult question or topic that they are having problems with, and someone else tries to explain things as simply as they can. It’s where you go to find the best and simplest explanations for any topic imaginable. 

Get simple explanations for just about any topic including business, geography, anatomy, and even astrophysics. If it’s something that you just don’t get or is too complicated, then this community can help. Better yet, the information they give you is factual information. They never give opinionated answers to problems. 


The internet is a fantastic resource for any student in need. College brings with it a lot of problems and challenges; many of which have nothing to do with your actual education. No matter what happens at college these five subreddits can help get you through it.


Author bio:
Rhonda Martinez is an educator, r/College subreddit moderator and reviewer at LegitWritingServices review site and education blog. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students and loves engaging in meaningful conversations.