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5 of the Best Fundraising Ideas You Can Use



There are many times where you’ll need to figure out some fundraising strategies. For this article, let’s say that you have a nonprofit, and you’re attempting to solicit donations. Maybe you have a particular goal you’re trying to reach, like getting a certain monetary amount within a designated timeframe.

There are all kinds of things you might try, but some are proven winners. We’ll go over a few of those right now.

Gather and Retain Donor Data

Before we launch into some of these fundraising ideas, we should mention that you’ll probably want to retain a lawyer to ensure that everything you’re doing is legal. Presumably, you’re not intentionally trying anything underhanded, but a lawyer can tell you how to keep track of your donations, so the IRS and other entities don’t come after you.

Keeping a donor database is one thing that makes sense to do. You will want to keep it up to date by inputting all event registrants, new donors, and donations.

When you’re looking at each donor in the base, you’ll want to have their full name and preferred contact method, such as a physical mailing address, email address, or phone number. You’ll also want to have their past giving history. If you have that, you’ll know how much to ask them for in the future, and you won’t try to get a much larger amount from someone than they can likely afford to give.

You should also know about each donor’s past nonprofit involvement. If someone has worked for a nonprofit before as a volunteer, you might be able to convince this individual to do the same for you.

Set Up Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Individual donors can certainly help your nonprofit, but corporations might be your bread and butter since they can probably give more than most private citizens. 

You might approach companies and let their employees know that if they give to your nonprofit, their company will match that gift. Studies reveal that individuals are more likely to give this way, and you can tell them that their contribution is a tax write-off.

Donors do not always understand that their employers will match their contributions, so you should let them know that if you speak to them. Some of them don’t necessarily remember their employer’s matching gift policies, so it makes sense to find out about them and have that information ready when you contact these individuals.

Use Branded Merchandise

Spreading nonprofit awareness is one of the most vital things you can do if you want to get regular donations. Giving out branded merchandise is a way for you to do that.

You can give your donors branded merch if they contribute various amounts. You might have things like tote bags, pens, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets, mugs, and so forth.

If you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, this is a proven way to get more and higher contributions. You can also offer event registrants these gifts. It’s another way for you to attract more people who can volunteer for your walkathons, fun runs, or other regional athletic events.

Community Event Engagement

Speaking of community events, you should always try to have a presence there. It’s a way to let new donors know about your mission. It also allows them to see that you’re a part of their community, and you care about what’s happening locally.

The more lasting relationships you build, the more your donor network can spread. You should try to have your most charismatic fundraisers there. You want people who can demonstrate the cause’s seriousness but who can also show they’re enthusiastic and fun to be around.

At these events, make sure you have an easy way for people to give. You might set up a text-to-give service. Anyone with a smartphone and texting capability can give five dollars or a larger amount.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Many nonprofits find that a crowdfunding campaign works wonders for them if they handle it right. This is a fundraising form where you set up a donation page that your new and existing donors can visit. You share that on social media via a popular platform where you know your donors spend their time.

You’ll need to look at the various fundraising platforms that exist and choose the one you think will work best for you. You want one where you can easily share your campaign, and you can also run the donation page with minimal staff members and effort.