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5 Best Art Programs in Europe


Art has always been an integral part of humanity. Until now, here and there, archaeologists and historians find rock paintings of our first ancestors. Probably our ancestors would have been shocked by the development of art today. Moreover, art has become a profession where you can earn good money while creating something for the soul.

You are a creative person, aren't you? And we bet that you already know what you want to do with your professional life or try to choose something in several artistic directions.

Are you from Europe or have a specific plan to study here / remotely? 

Let us present a list of the best art programs here.

Pre-vocational training in game creation

No doubt, video games are always in their prime. If you wish to tie your artistic life with this branch and know the German language (or are going to study it), we recommend you to pay attention to the program offered by HTK Academy. 

The program duration is three years. The requirements are German language knowledge, an intermediate or high-school diploma, and 18 years as a minimum age to apply for entrance exam and interview. 

It is a full-time campus study. During the indicated three years, you will learn everything you need to become a successful specialist. You will learn about design, programming, coding, and marketing. The later will be of great help for game publishers.

Don't miss your chance!

One Year Course - Animated Film

FAMU Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague presents you with a one-year program, during which you will learn techniques and technologies behind animated films. Do you want to study handmade methods? Or are you more interested in computerized techniques? You will learn both during this program, and then you will be able to decide in which way you want to work.

Credits you will receive are transferable to all art educational establishments. You will also have a certificate after successful program completion. 

The program will significantly assist you in becoming an assistant and artist in the animated film branch of art.

Online Masters Degree in Illustration

Do you want to study at Falmouth University (Saint Ives, United Kingdom)? But you live too far away and can't afford to move? Great news! Falmouth University offers a 2-year online Master's degree program with scholarship, funding, and early discounts.

What can you learn? Just see:

  • different methods of how to communicate your ideas visually with media help;

  • your audience: how to interest and analyze it;

  • marketing strategy;

  • your authentic style: how to enhance it and make your works famous;

  • connections: Falmouth University has a lot of opportunities for you to make a personal professional network.

And so much more during various discussions, tutorials, workshops, critiques, and peer feedback. Besides, you can choose whether you want to study all courses online regularly or dilute it with face-to-face event attendance.

Though, remember: in addition to your degree certificate, you will need to send your portfolio or illustrative artworks (already created project or link to your creative blog are acceptable) alongside your application. 

Don't miss your chance to choose among eight different career paths later.

MA in Fine Art

Do you want to learn everything at once? From illustrations to live performance? Well, then you need to look at the program offered by Bath Spa University.

You can spend either one or two years on campus studying. Everything depends entirely on your preferences and wishings, while the program just aims at polishing your interest.

You will have the different core and optional modules during which you learn research methodologies, have a studio practice, study various aspects of contemporary art, and work on your project for graduation. 

With an individual program, you can decide to pursue art learning in business and management branches. You can participate in field trips (some of them are paid). But, probably, you will be interested in the fact that universities can purchase your works. And that you can start working immediately as a curator at private or public galleries. 

Higher Degree in Photography Training

Do you know Spanish, want to study in Madrid, and keen on photography? We recommend you to look at a 2-year program offered by IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid. 

Your studying will be focused on organizing and executing photography and video projects. You will learn lighting techniques, proper decoration elements, and space representation methods. Later on, you will manage to deal with adds, fashion, and photojournalism projects, among other things.

You will have an advanced degree and a chance to participate in real projects during your study.

IED promise that you will learn the audiovisual language. It's your turn to check it out.

And while you are learning concepts that will help you in your professional artistic life, it is safe to assume that you do not have time to cope with some secondary assignments. Do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals and ask to write an essay on

Remember, there is no such thing as tomorrow. Don't miss your chance now.