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4 Free Google Trainings - Get the Right Mix of Skills

A person is hardly found who doesn’t hear the word “Google”. Even today’s old folks say, “Ok, Google” to find a response to some points of their interest. For example, in the list of the most asked questions on google, you’ll find the point “When we were young” - surely, it is asked by those who feel nostalgia for their best time when they were all young. However, a Google company has the vision to help not only in our everyday life by suggesting some assistance on how to lose weight, how to bake a pie or fill out the papers. The professional Google team aims to make education accessible to millions of people.



This article is written to provide you with some free training courses, tools, and coach programmes that are available on Google, and that have a real and fast impact on jobs, careers, and business growth of 550 000+ people. Want to be among those who achieve great success? Read the given information to the end, and make the correct decision - find an effective alternative for yourself. Start looking for it today!

● Google Digital Workshop
Want to plunge into the digital world, but don’t know how? You have a great possibility to open this world via the learning platform where you’ll find flexible and personalized training courses that many students take around the globe. All of them are designed to build your confidence in growing your career or business online. Due to a personal learning plan on a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can be closer to your growth. After passing this training course, you are given an accredited certificate. So, your LinkedIn profile and CV will look much more attractive.


More options are available to you, among which there are Udacity, Applied Digital Skills, Academy for Ads, Google Digital Academy. The common operating procedure is ‘Sign Up’ → ‘Acquire a New Skill’ → ‘Reinforce a Skill’ → ‘Use in Real Life’. Just 4 steps allow you to become a digital expert.

● Google Cloud Platform for Startups
Always want to build your own business? Probably, it’s time to rely on an inspiring community of fellow startups that are based on the infrastructure and tools used by Google. Collaborate closely together with the industry experts to overcome all possible barriers towards the success in the market.


More courses are available when you want to set up your own business, among which Launchpad and Academy for Ads will be helpful to you. The former is an acceleration program with all types of necessary support, the latter is aimed at revealing an effective digital strategy of advertising your startups.

● Google Developers Community Groups
Passionate about developing? It is advisable to appear on the platform where every member is specifically interested in Google products. It is a great place where you can learn more about Google technologies and development tools, as well as what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies. You will surely find some fellow developers who will be ready to share ideas and network. There are certain meetups in different forms (webinars, videos, or deep-dives), top news from the community, upcoming events and training are reminded to you. The dedicated support from Google Developers is also expected. So, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from real professionals.


Google Cloud Training is a great learning journey to the technical skills and best practices the Google Cloud technologies. Just choose an area where you would like to be competent, whether it is a Cloud Infrastructure, G Suite Administration or any others. Remember that this self-paced training helps you boost your career as after doing them, you get a certification which you can include in your CV.

● YouTube Creators
Dreaming about a video blog on a YouTube channel? Everything is possible today. Only a lazy person can lie up without doing anything towards a goal - to create a high-quality content so that it will be interesting to follow by checking up a new video item on the channel. If you pursue this goal, it is better to take free courses to learn all the essentials to create your thriving YouTube channel. You can use some metadata, collaborations, captions, and promotions to discover this online space to the full extent. Additionally, keep in mind that the quality of your content depends on the language knowledge as well. If you write or speak English by making mistakes, it is unlikely to become a successful blogger. Then again, you can afford to use the service of free essays online for free English. There is nothing better than custom writing. Need to write an academic essay or public speech? Apply only to the professionals.


In the YouTube Creator Academy, you can be informed about YouTube Analytics, Channel Trends, Pre-Production/Production Skills, Brand Deals, Copyrights on YouTube, Channel Revenue, and much other useful information. Turn all your creativity into a career through the YouTube Creator Academy.


We want you to achieve more after you read this article. Nowadays, there are many possibilities to develop such important skills as writing and speaking skills, or IT skills. However, most of us tend to ignore them just saying, “It is impossible to become Steve Jobs or Ernest Hemingway”. Yes, it is impossible to be Steve Jobs or Ernest Hemingway, but it is possible to leave own name in the world history. It only takes some time and efforts. Don’t give up!