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3 Must-Have Resources Every Fresher Needs to Know



Being a freshman can be as exciting as it can be stressful. Going blind into a completely new environment can rattle anyone up. At least until you are able to figure out how this new place works. So figuring out the ideal setup that will help you feel comfortable is probably the most important thing that all freshmen have to deal with. Learn how to get an LLC.

Having a set of reliable tools to make your college life a bit less tedious is a great place to start. There is plenty of software and resources to choose from. Here are some of the most useful ones that will help you build the foundation of your college setup.


There will be plenty of work to do in your first year. And with all the deadlines you can get overwhelmed very quickly. And if there’s one thing you can’t allow to happen - it’s to let yourself fall behind the curve. Once you’re in that pit, it is really tricky to get out. So the best thing you can do in that sort of scenario is to clear up your deadlines as quickly as you can.

There are multiple online essay writing services out there. And most of them look exactly the same safe for the name. To the point where it becomes difficult to choose. So how do you pick the one that will fix your problem efficiently and without unforeseen road bumps? What you are looking for are pretty basic qualities:

- Reliability

- Quality

- Resonable Prices

And if you get essay help from EssayHub service, you are getting all three. It’s one of the more popular services out there that you’ll be able to entrust your assignments without worrying that something might go wrong. It shouldn’t be your main way of dealing with all of your papers. But it works really well as a failsafe to save you from an imminent catastrophe.


If you think you had to deal with a lot of information in highschool - you’ve seen nothing yet. Once you start your first year in college you’ll be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information thrown at you. Schedules, books, notes, references - all of it has to be neatly organized and readily available. You just won’t be able to keep it all in your head without losing some crucial details.

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud data storage services. The ability to access all your files from anywhere, on any device is priceless. It can be used for personal data storage or shared with your friends for team projects. No more heaps of paper with unreadable notes, no more trying to remember 50 things at a time. If you have an internet connection - you have access to all the materials you ever uploaded.


A lot of your college papers will directly influence your grade. And students often tend to underestimate the importance of grammar as a factor. This can be a costly mistake, as grammar and formatting are the first two things that are taken into account during paper grading. The form is just as important as the substance, and you should always triple check your grammar before you turn your assignment in.

Grammarly makes this process very easy. It will help you scan your text for grammatical mistakes, awkward wording, and the like. It only takes a couple of seconds to run all the checks. In the end, you get a ton of useful corrections and advice that you can easily apply to your text. This tool is extremely helpful and you’ll be able to find tons of uses for it even outside of college.


These three make up the most basic, must-have resources that will be with you for the rest of college and maybe even after graduation. You absolutely can and should go more specialized with your tools of choice if need be. Every major has its quirks that you have to adapt to. And instead of doing it all manually, why not enjoy the wonders of technology and save yourself a headache?

The initial panic is what causes most problems freshmen encounter during their first year. Your college routine will become much easier once you find your footing and get used to the new environment. So don’t stress too much. Try to get as comfortable as you can. Get helpful tools, make friends, create a cycle of sorts. This car will drive itself if only you let it.