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3 Best Online Courses for Programmers

3 Best Online Courses for Programmers

Software developers are amongst the most sought-after professionals today. That is a hot career choice in today's digital-first world. Programming has revolutionized the way people interact with the world today. Whether it's your desktop, mobile device, or the smart appliances at home, the language that enables interaction is coding. All these devices and appliances have been programmed to operate a certain way.

Being in a position to understand the coding language gives you a competitive edge regardless of your career choice. The world is digitalized, and more resources can be accessed online. You get access to expert paper writers to help with your college papers. Unlike in the past, when learning how to code was quite a challenge, today its super easy thanks to the numerous online resources available to everyone.


1. Udemy

That is the most popular platform for programming beginners. The site has close to 1200 courses that are related to software development. Udemy is an online marketplace that connects teachers and learners across the globe. There are also courses that address game and application development.

The courses introduce beginners to the world of programming with lessons that extensively elaborate on the basic concepts of coding. You can choose to learn any programming language since you get access to unlimited resources. Each course is instructional step-by-step, offering you the foundation you need to become a professional programmer.

Anyone who is curious about coding or wants to learn to advance in their career will greatly benefit from the resources Udemy has to offer. The video-format gives you a one-on-one learning experience that's much better than reading about programming.

The platform emphasizes mastering the fundamental concepts because these are the building blocks for any programmer. The videos are high-quality, so you can see what your instructor is doing as the lesson proceeds. Besides, the instructor's speed is slow so you can easily take notes where you need.


2. Coursera

Coursera works with sought after instructors who’ve studied programming in prestigious institutions and universities. Their lectures are presented as recorded video like in the case of Udemy. The beauty of Coursera is you get to be part of a community of learners from whom you can learn.

Additionally, the courses come with assignments that help you identify the concepts you’ve not yet mastered. Each person who completes a course gets an electronic certificate that’s shareable. You get to choose the appropriate coding language based on the industry you're based in. You could also learn more than one coding language because the learning process is challenging yet fulfilling.


That is an excellent platform for beginner programmers who don't have the time or resources to go to a traditional learning institution. You can access the site with your portable device, laptop, or desktop. You can enroll and specialize in a specific concept to ensure you excel.


3. QuickCode

QuickCode provides beginners with an environment to learn R data analysis as well as Python coding language. If you are new to coding, this is the perfect environment as the platform offer courses with bite-size sections for easy learning.
QuickCode ensures that beginners are not overwhelmed by a lot of information but still get to master the basic concepts of programming. The resources come as one package that doesn't require you to install any software. The instructors are skilled and experienced professionals who are trustworthy and friendly. Learning how to code puts you at an advantage over other candidates when you are looking for employment opportunities. The world today is digital-first, and employees are always looking to hire tech-savvy individuals. Online programming courses allow you to learn how to code without going to a traditional learning institution.