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10 Steps Towards Professional Scholarship Essay Writing

All students are eligible to receive a scholarship that meets the education costs fully or partly. But many of them seriously underestimate themselves and their abilities. The most common reason for it is the scholarship essay. This stage of applying to scholarship scares the students most. While the usual academic essay seems easy, the scholarship essay requires higher standards of writing. Not everyone can persuade and impress the selection committee through their writing


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Remember that your key objective is to show your best sides. Among the hundreds of applicants, the commission board should choose you. It’s impossible to write an outstanding essay in one or two hours. We agree that it’s boring and tedious work. All efforts are rewarded. Keep it in mind and be guided by that in the moments of despair.


The Keys to Perfect Scholarship Essay

Think carefully about yourself and your past. GPA is, of course, the indicator of success. But the selection board pays attention to your traits as personality. Imagine that they read hundreds and even thousands of essays written by people like you. That’s why you need time to think over it and decide how to make it outstanding. The following steps will help you to receive the desired scholarship.

  1. Carefully study the principles of essay writing and the detail, that makes it perfect. They all are written according to the same principles. It’s impossible to hope to succeed, having absolutely no idea about what the essay is and how to write it. Your essay must comply with the following points:

    • Definite structure: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion;

    • The strong thesis statement, which will catch the reader’s attention;

    • Each paragraph should start with a new idea or thought;

    • Don’t be vague and write only relevant information.

  2. Explore the topic. Universities often give several topics or prompts to choose from. Identify what each of them particularly means. Decide which one applies to you the most. Be sure to ask the question to yourself, if the prompt itself doesn’t do it. It’s easier to start writing having a question.

  3. Try to find out information about people, who constitute the admission board. The duty of any writer is to know the audience and to find ways to impress them. Give them what they want. Imagine the ideal candidate for them and fit yourself into those borders.

  4. Define the keywords and key details of your life. Be sure to include them in the narration. We mean here your academic achievements, the courses, awards, and special courses, etc.

  5. Create a rough draft. It should be a short structured outline. Write the key idea of each paragraph and 1-2 sentences, which quickly characterize the paragraph. Most of the students miss this step as unnecessary and it’s a big mistake. If you have the outline before your eyes, the process of writing will be faster and easier. 

  6. Start writing with the introduction and include a persuasive and strong thesis statement in the middle. Don’t write it at the very beginning or end. It’s the basis of a successful essay. If you’ll manage to catch the committee’s attention, you’re halfway to success.

  7. Finish the writing. Be sure to adhere to the recommended structure and the instructions from the application board. Don’t be shy to show your emotions while writing. Let the paper be semi-formal. Include examples from your life, it’s highly valued by teachers and professors.

  8. Reread and edit the paper. Do it as many times as you can. Use the online-checker for help, but don’t replace the manual checking with the computer. Check the conformity with instructions. Pay attention to the content, there shouldn’t be considerations about vague things.

  9. Take a long break after such hard work and repeat the last step. Always try to look at the paper “with fresh eyes”. Any significant detail won’t slip away from your attention.

  10. Ask someone to read your essay. Let it be the teacher or person, who knows his way around in scholarship essays.

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