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10 Online Tools & Apps for Dyslexic Students



Dyslexia is a condition that affects children’s learning ability. It entails difficulty in talking, reading letters, and recognizing speech sounds since the brain interprets the language differently. Despite having this learning disorder, most children are thriving due to numerous apps that assist them in cognitive processes. Today, most parents and teachers can manage dyslexia with the help of technology. Children can excel and perform in class regardless of the learning disorder. 


In this article, we will delve into efficient online tools and apps that enable dyslexic students and teachers to cope with the disorder.  


Google Play Books

Smartphones and tablets are digital devices that assist dyslexic students due to portability and functionality. Dyslexic students can download Google Playbooks for free and use it for learning. It is compatible with Android devices and highlights words that the student reads aloud. The app helps a dyslexic student to focus on each word as he/she continues to read. If students also need help in the sphere of academic writing, they may delegate their assignments to Studyfy. This is the best way to distract from the tight deadlines while the experts prepare the documents for you.


Learning Ally

Reading is essential for all children to jumpstart their development on the right track. However, dyslexic students find it quite challenging to read for enjoyment. Learning Ally is an educational app with free membership assisting struggling students with numerous audiobooks and educator tools. It allows students to become independent learners without the struggle of reading.


Easy Word Count

Dyslexic students find it challenging to read many words at a go. With the Easy Word Count app, it is easy for students to set a target word count at a given reading session. It also enables the students to monitor the progress and the remaining words in the book. The app is efficient in breaking down learning points, and students can improve step by step while meeting personal targets daily.


Google Keyboard

The on-screen keyboard on a smartphone is an essential element for mobile users, and the Google Keyboard is not an exception. It is a significant app that has an in-built word prediction and dictation feature. Dyslexic students can type quickly with ease while improving their spelling abilities.

Other features include:

  • In-built google search

  • Multilingual typing

  • Trackpad on the spacebar

  • One hand mode

KNFB Reader

Although KNFB Reader is a paid app, it is one of the most efficient text to audio converter applications on Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android devices. Apart from assisting dyslexic students, it is also suitable for students with visual impairments. All you need to do is take a clear photograph of the text, and the app will convert it to audio and read it aloud.


Pocket App

Even as dyslexic students grow into adults, some may still experience challenges in reading. The Pocket app allows people to access important information, such as news and insightful articles. It has a feature that reads the articles aloud at any time you want to access the information.


Claro Speak

Another significant app for dyslexic students is Claro Speak. It is a text-to-speech application that has other significant features. Students can save any text from a book as an audio file. The app can also convert photographs into audio. With an adjustable reading speed, students can keep up with the reading with ease as the audio plays in the background. It is one of the best apps that dyslexic students can use on the go.


Times Tables 1x1

Dyslexic students also find it challenging to grasp mathematics tasks. Times Tables is a free app that uses animated concepts to capture the attention of children. Leo the Lion is the teacher who uses basic concepts to teach multiplication to children, then later testing them. It also includes exciting features that allow both parents and teachers to participate in the say-it-loud activity. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Open Web

Dyslexic students have a user-friendly web browser that allows them to read with ease. The browser alters all the text into a friendly typeface. It encourages students to read without the text-to-speech feature.


Dyslexia Quest

Incorporating games into learning is another way of enhancing cognitive abilities. With the Dyslexia Quest app, students of all ages can improve their brain development. It is an app that has game features to help in memory skills. Those wishing to improve their reading skills and letter management can get the app from the App Store for $9.99. 


Dyslexic students do not have to feel less privileged due to their special needs. Technology has played an essential role in making learning easier with the help of numerous online resources and apps. The resources make reading more enjoyable with innovative and exciting features that capture the interest of dyslexic students.