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10 Education Myths among Millennials that should be Busted

Millennials are usually regarded as an entirely different set of individuals as compared to their predecessors belonging to older generations. They are often called lazy, self-centered, and in general, defined as the most entitled generation ever.

But are those various articles and online pieces about millennials’ flak really true? Are their views on education, learning, and growth only leads to self-satisfaction and egocentric goals? Let us try to look at the spread myths about the Generation Y and their view of education that have been somehow accepted by some but should have busted all at once.

1. They are lazy.
Probably the most famous myth about millennials is them having a sense of entitlement. Many believe that they are not willing to do what it takes to perform well in class, get high grades, or even get a diploma. You will then be surprised to know that they are actually the most educated generation. Surveys showed that 61% of Generation Y has actually attended college compared to 46% of baby boomers.

2. They worship their phones more than anything or anyone else.
Facebook and Twitter may not be the best mediums of meaningful interactions among students and between teachers and their class, but still, these are still valid interactions. Discussing topics and modules, posting of exam schedules, and communication of project deadlines can be done through these social media applications not to stay 24/7 on their phones but to facilitate faster and easier way of providing updates and due dates.

3. They are the participation award generation.
Though some believe that millennials only want recognition and fame for their participation in school plays, sports, or charity activities, they actually know the difference between participation trophies and achievement trophies. They can easily distinguish the people who are being rewarded for their academic and extracurricular achievements and those who are rewarded for just showing up.

4. They are a single entity.
Some of the members of Generation Y can be hardworking when it comes to their learning and school activities, but others can also be lazy. Some may be unmotivated but there are also some who are ambitious. There could be specific trends from the surveys and studies conducted regarding the millennials, but they should not be assumed as a sole unit doing everything in the same manner.

5. They are the youth of today.
Older people think that millennials are the ones who currently attend the universities and colleges and all they do is party all year long. Some also see all teenagers who skip classes as millennials. This is a pure myth. Generation Y is actually designated as the people who were born between 1981 and 1997. So maybe it’s just right to correctly classify the students who party and skip class every now and then as the youth, not the millennials. If you would just think about it more, your own generation has some rule breakers too.

6. They need constant compliments.
Because of the endless trophies handed out for showing up, many think that millennials constantly want to be praised for the early submissions of projects, high score remarks, and finishing their courses on a short period of time. They should not be regarded as spoiled, remember that they were raised in an era where continuous evaluation in school and sports are made, pointing out their skills that need improvement. Parents also encourage their children to aim high and reach their goals. That’s why they usually seek feedback and affirmation in their learning growth too.

7. They skip college because they already know everything.
Several millennials opt to start working and find jobs right after finishing high school. Many older generations have raised an eyebrow upon knowing this imagining how pathetic Generation Y is for thinking that they do not need to attend universities or colleges to finish a degree. What they don’t know and take into account is that some millennials are eager to learn and study more but the cost of education has skyrocketed, and will only be in huge student debt in the end.

8. They are internet dependent.
Millennial bashers would always say that Generation Y finds everything through the web. If there is homework to be done, research materials to be submitted, or reports to be discussed in school, millennials would go directly to google and find immediate answers. Being born in the period of technology and the internet is not the millennials fault. It’s just that today, researching and looking for homework topics are easier, more convenient, and faster.

9. They are spoiled financially.
You may see some young adults who attend grad schools spending their free time at fancy coffee shops and start thinking how they waste their parents’ money by going to prestige schools and living a luxurious student life. Maybe you should think again because many millennials are doing side hustles or part-time jobs in order to pay for their education and their past time drinks.

10. They value school organizations more than education itself
There are different groups that millennials like to join or activities that they organize themselves. But being involved in say three or four organizations in school which promotes teamwork, diversity, and varied causes does not immediately mean a millennial only wants socializing in school. It is actually a way to grow one’s leadership capabilities and community awareness which are good foundations of learning and growth.