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Schools have trusted our website for years because we only deliver leads that come from 100% organic traffic. Our goal is to make sure your school reaches their cost per enrollment numbers each and every month.


If you are a college, university or trade school interested in having your school listed on our website please contact us directly at


A Better Way to Increase Enrollments


Are you a school that is tired of buying educational leads that never convert? Do you have a great admissions team at your school but are constantly battling vendors that provide low quality leads?

Would you rather work leads from prospects who are specificlaly looking for the program you offer and and have already made that important decision to enroll?

You found our website because you searched Google, Bing or Yahoo and landing on our site organically. We know this because we have never paid for traffic to be driven to our website….Ever.

Ask Yourself

- Would you rather work tons of generic leads or leads that have the highest potential for an enrollment?


- Do you want your Admissions team calling low quality leads 10, 20, 30+ times, or would you rather have them call leads from prospects that are motived and expecting a call from your school?


- Have you noticed that education lead pricing has increased but the quality has decrease?

- Does your team call leads only to find out the lead has already been called by 3-5 other schools or have no idea why you are calling them?


What “Other” Education Sites Do

- Buy and sell generic traffic from low quality job sites to make sure you reach your monthly lead cap regardless of quality.

- Blame your admissions team for not converting the leads they deliver.


- Sell the same education lead to 3-5 other schools.


- They don't own any of thier own education sites and simply purchase leads from other vendors and sell them to you as "thier own"


- Automatically generate leads with bad phone numbers and program that don't match the programs you offer.



How Are We Different

- You know exactly where your traffic is coming from. Our website is 100% education focused.

-  We have never purchased or sold our education leads to other vendors. 100% of the leads come directly off this site.


- 100% of our traffic is organic.


- We do not sell leads to multiple schools. If a prospect requests information from your school then you'll be the only school that receives that lead.


- Peace of mind regarding compliance because you are in full control of the text that is displayed and how your school is promoted on our site.